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#Project366 2020 week 10

Day 61: homework and painting combo Day 62: more homework! Matthew was writing up his science project that I showed last week (the cress)   Day 63: PTA meeting down the pub, yay! They had no large glasses so they poured my wine into two small ones! I also treated myself to some chips 🙂 […]

#Project365 week 39

Day 266: Matthew got busy in the kitchen making star shaped biscuits for his space homework: find the recipe here! Day 267: a sunny search for conkers on the afternoon school run Day 268: Zach working hard on his homework from preschool Day 269: two evening meetings in a row for two of my jobs […]

Teens: everything changes, everything stays the same!

It has been an incredibly busy couple of weeks as I have been invigilating exams every day. They are not called mock exams any more, they are now Pre Public Exams or PPEs. So was the word ‘mock’ meaning that they were not being taken seriously and now an acronym gives more gravitas? No. The […]