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Birthing partner

This was awful! Nearly a year after having Matthew, my sister was due to give birth and she chose me and her husband to be birthing partners. I can honestly say it was worse than giving birth myself. Having to watch someone you love be in excruciating pain is simply awful. When her waters broke […]

Birth number 1

I have tried to block it out but there may be some women out there feeling anxious about childbirth and I’d like to reassure you that – compared to what comes afterwards – it’s easy! I have been insane enough to do it THREE times and each one was unique. Let me start with my […]

Messages to my younger self

I decided to look back at the most life changing moments in my life over the past 20 years and record messages to myself at those times. In 1997 I was just about to take my GCSEs. In 2002 I was getting ready to leave university. In 2005 I was considering leaving dental nursing but […]