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#Project365 2022 week 13

Day 85: a quest to find the Dream Bright Care Bear! See my insta highlights for more detail! Day 86: Happy Mother’s Day to me with the card I picked and bought myself (Chris was ill with covid and I decided that Matthew probably didn’t want to draw a card at his age!) Day 87: […]

#Project365 2022 week 10

Day 64: March is here so running is back! I took it easy with 2.25 miles and was a teensy bit proud of myself. Day 65: a slightly weird feeling in the back of my nose and throat but I went out for another run! Feeling invincible and ready to face the week… Day 66: […]

#Project365 2022 week 1

Day 1: Happy New Year! Anya tried her skates outside for the first time Day 2: there was an awful lot of excitement over this double sweetcorn which looks like a bottom according to the kids. I think it looks more like boxing gloves… Day 3: final walk of the Christmas holiday and all of […]

#Project365 2021 week 51

Day 354: off exploring the Christmas lights in our local roads with my family (niece and nephew staying) Day 355: and now forcing them out on a river walk too! Can you see the cygnets in the background that are nearly fully grown? Day 356: two quick Christmas crafts Day 357: I have got back […]

#Project365 2021 week 45

Day 312: watching fireworks from the comfort of our home Day 313: how is my baby old enough to go away on a residential trip for a whole week?! Day 314: new topic at school and we dressed as witches and wizards for an immersion day. My costume is an age 11-12 dress and age […]