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The English Channel from The Conqueror Virtual Challenges

For my birthday Chris bought me entry into a virtual challenge: running the width of the English Channel. This is 21 miles or 33km. You can use any type of exercise to complete a challenge and the app has a conversion chart so you can convert a work out or steps into a distance. I […]

#Project365 2022 week 26

Day 178: my next running challenge is underway and I’m hoping to complete 70 miles by the end of September   Day 179: Anya rollerbladed for a whole mile! Day 180: Anya’s latest trick trying to convince us she lost a tooth. All she needed was a canine shaped stone and some red felt tip… […]

Cheer on the slow runners!

So after the winter break and then catching Covid, I have finally used the Easter holidays to kickstart my running again. It is HARD! A long way from my best but proud of myself for being better than last week when I was having a lay in! Over the last few weeks I have seen […]

#Project365 2022 week 10

Day 64: March is here so running is back! I took it easy with 2.25 miles and was a teensy bit proud of myself. Day 65: a slightly weird feeling in the back of my nose and throat but I went out for another run! Feeling invincible and ready to face the week… Day 66: […]

5 top tips for getting back into running after a break

Running after a break is tough! You need to get back into the zone mentally as well as physically. I am a fair weather runner. It still seems odd calling myself a runner at all! This time last year I had not even thought about running but in June 2020 I embarked upon the Couch […]