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Wedding Wednesday: the expectations versus reality

The big day has come and gone. So did it love up to our expectations…? There was a lot of hanging around in the morning. 12 noon was the earliest we could have the ceremony but the morning really dragged, especially as the kids woke me up at around 6am! I felt nervous rather than […]

Wedding Wednesday: the tradition of the white wedding dress

I always assumed that the white wedding dress was an old one based on notions of purity and virginity but actually it originated with Queen Victoria! In the Western world it was usual for a bride to wear her most elaborate and expensive dress at her wedding as a sign of her social standing. This […]

Wedding Wednesday: Wingz review

Time to cover up. I am not a fan of strapless tops and if I’m brutally honest I have bingo wings. Many wedding dress designs are strapless including the one I received from JJ’s House. Wingz offers a range of solutions to help cover the arms and suit every style. There are fitted and flared […]

Wedding Wednesday: JJ’s House: here comes the bride!

I am not a big white wedding dress kind of a girl. That’s what I always thought! However, when I got the chance to choose a dress from JJ’s House I changed my mind… I spent HOURS searching the site for wedding dresses. It was so difficult to choose as they are all so beautiful […]

Wedding Wednesday: wedding clothes and cultural traditions

This week my attention has turned to wedding clothes. I think I have chosen my wedding dress and I have got the outfits for the bridesmaids and page boys. Chris has yet to sort his own outfit… One of Chris’ colleagues is getting married this year but from the descriptions given so far it will […]