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Baby Secrets Pram Pack review

As well as the LOL doll, Anya was excited to get her first Baby Secrets set from my trip to Blog On X in Manchester.

Baby Secret babies have a white nappy until they are dipped in water at which point the nappy turns either pink or blue. They can be bought in single bathtub packs or in combi packs that include a high chair, cot, rocking horse or a pram.

This pram pack comes with 2 babies that can be seen and one hidden inside the bathtub.
There are 3 birth certificates to complete for your new babies when you have found out whether they are boys or girls: thinking of names is a tough decision!

What I loved was the ease of the colour change. It happened quickly and definitely so the colour change was clear to see.
The babies themselves are cute and have accessories that are moulded onto the body so no tiny little pieces to lose.
Anya plays with the babies alongside her Barbie and Disney dolls as they are a perfect size but also pretends to be their mum herself and wants to build up a full nursery by getting the other packs!

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*I was given this Pram Pack at Blog On X in exchange for a review. All opinions and photos are my own.

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