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Bakugan for beginners

Bakugan began as an anime TV series over 10 years ago but this week we learned how to play it at home! We were kindly sent the Bakugan Battle Arena, starter set, ultra character and limited edition Bakugan ready to brawl!

The Battle Arena is a useful place to set up the game although it can be played on any flat surface. The edges slot together easily and rest against the edges of the base board. The honeycomb pattern makes it quicker to set up as you can use the spaces to place the Bakucore hexagonal cards that are required for play.
The raised edges of the arena keep the Bakugan from rolling away and allow the potential for a rebound opening. The arena is also easy to take apart again at the end of the game to be stored in the box.

The rules are quite simple to get started. Each player chooses 3 Bakugan and picks out their associated Bakucore cards. You then take it in turns to place the Bakucore cards down in any arrangement you like but each must touch at least one edge of another card.

Once the Hive Matrix of Bakucores has been placed, each player rolls their Bakugan balls. This is both a game of skill and chance. The Bakugan characters and Bakucores have magnets in them so you need to roll the balls over the cards. My aim was not good! You may roll over several cards but the ball may not spring open if the magnet does not make contact so luck is required too.

If one Bakugan opens then that player wins the round and turns over their character card. If neither opens then roll again. In the picture above, you can see that Matthew’s Bakugan opened but mine didn’t…
If both pop open then you need to add up the B points on the Bakucore that is attached to the Bakugan as well as the number on the character card. The person with the total highest points in the winner and turns their character card over.

The winner of the game is the person with the most character cards turned over at the end of the three rounds.
Matthew reigned supreme at this game! Round after round he managed to open his Bakugan and I didn’t!


I loved all the different designs of the Bakugan characters.
The ultra figures are slightly more tricky to assemble into balls but do come with instructions.


The limited edition characters came with metallic Bakucore cards and character cards to make them extra special.

There are 6 different factions in the Bakugan universe, each characterised by a specific colour and associated traits.
Can you spot any of these factions above? Aquos (blue, focus and precision), Haos (white and turquoise, momentum and control) Darkus (black and purple, power and greed), pyrus (red, agression), Ventus (green, natural growth and decay), Aurelus (gold), Diamond (clear).
Bakugan toys are aimed at children aged 6 and over. They are hugely collectible and the game is lots of fun. Matthew is definitely hooked and I have seen other characters that I want us to find for our collection!
The Battle Arena has an RRP of £24.99 and the starter packs are £19.99. Bakugan are available online (and instore when the shops open!)


*We received these toys for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own


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