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Bunchems Unicorns

Have you tried Bunchems? We love them so Anya was thrilled to try out this unicorn set with a glow in the dark feature!

This set contains instructions for making differnt configurations but obviously the only limit is your own imagination!

The glow in the dark Bunchems work well and we spent a while in the garage with the light off to fully appreciate them: Ollie and Zach thought we were bonkers!

Anya made the main unicorn to start with (see the video below!) and then made the princess fairy.

One word of warning: beware of hair! The hook feature which allows Bunchems to stick together also means that entanglement in hair may occur.
Anya had lots of fun playing with this set and it really is so versatile with the number of colours and Bunchems included. The tips on the instruction sheet help to ensure your creations are reasonably sturdy yet they are easy to take apart and make something new.

*I was sent this set for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Clare

    Bunchems are great fun until they get stuck in your hair. My daughter had to have what we will call a ‘life changing’ haircut thanks to these things. Poor kid still looks a fright.

  2. We had a generic pack of these and loved making all sorts of things with them – my daughter is unicorn obsessed so would absolutely love these!

  3. Awww your YouTube video is so lovely. We actually have a little pack of these (which did get caught in Little Buttons hair – ekk!!!) but they are great to keep little fingers busy and so handy to pop into your bag to take out when visiting family. Very impressed by your daughters building skills 🙂 Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam xx

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