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Fun with SpinMaster Toys: Kinetic Sand, Meccano and more!

Spinmaster makes some of out favourite toys so we were delighted to be sent a Kinetic Sand rainbow set and Meccano dinosaur set.
Kinetic Sand is one fo Zach’s favourite toys EVER! We have several sets at home but this set encourages children to mix colours together to create a rainbow effect.


We enjoyed following the detailed instructions for making the rainbow of colours and then mixing them even more!

I suggest that an adult assists with children aged under 5. Zach really enjoyed making the mixed colours of orange, green and purple but I’m not sure he could have done it on his own, especially the first time.

Once we had succesfully created the layers, Zach practised his chopping skills before mixing the colours even further!


Matthew was kept busy with this dino Meccano set. As you may remember, Matt is a huge dinosaur fan so he was excited to make his own T Rex (9 other designs are available online).

Meccano is brilliant for developing fine motor skills and concentration! The instructions are clear and helpfully have diagrams to show the correct size screws required for the step. It was a little tricky so me and Chris helped out, although Matt’s small hands were required for assembly!

The Kinestic Sand set featured here has an RRP of £9.99. The sand is suitable for children aged 3 and over, and offers hours of fun for toddlers and older children (and parents!) Meanwhile, Meccano has a range of sets with increasing complexity aimed at children over 5 (although this dinosaur set was for ages 8+).
We have plenty of other SpinMaster toys that are firm family favourites including:
Candylocks dolls (and now pets as well!)


Kumi Kreator

Hatchimals: animals and pixies

Party PopTeenies


Off the Hook




Do you have a favourite Spinmaster toy?

*We received the Kinetic Sand and Mecanno sets for the purpose of this review (other items were previously gifted) All opinions and photos are my own


  1. The sand looks fab, although as a mother that hates mess I slightly worry that it might make a mess everywhere – eeeek! I might just have to give it a try as I’m sure my daughter would thoroughly enjoy it. #DreamTeamLinky

  2. Ooohh Spinmaster have some really fab toys out. I think we ALL love the kinetic sand here. It feels so lovely and it’s a total win win as it’s not over messy. Your little ones look like they are having the best time! Very impressed with the meccano dinosaur set. #DreamTeamLinky xx

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