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Good clean fun with Funatic Foam

One of the most exciting times ino our house is when I allow the children to have bubble bath. Matthew pretends to be very grown up but even he can’t resist the allure of bubbles…
Funatic Foam is a new product designed to make bathtime fun as well as functional. The recyclable metal canister has an easy to use trigger nozzle that even Zach was able to use to write letters, number and draw shapes. It works at a range of 15 centimetres up to 3 metres making it suitable for bathtime and outside paddling pool fun (anyone else excited for summer?!)

I dashed upstairs to have a play before bathtime and wrote A for Anya and M for Matthew before getting enough confidence and writing Zach. The foam puffs up like shaving cream and gradually dripped into the water making plenty of bubbles.

We were sent Green Apple and Pink Berry foams and the smell of each was very distinctive and pleasant. The foam is actually real soap so perfect for cleaning as well as fun. Anya had grazes on her knees from falling over earlier in the day and she reported no stinging sensation which had worried me prior to the bath.

We sprayed the foam on each other, the bath and the tiles and there was no staining from the pale pink or green colours. I would note that, as with other bath products, the bottom of the bath became quite slippery so take care as always at bathtime and supervise constantly.

Funatic foam is easy to use for writing and drawing and the kids had a game of noughts and crosses.

Funatic Foam is available from Tesco and other retailers for an rrp of £5.99 each.

*We were snet Funatic foam for the purpose of this review


  1. Steve (thediaryofdad)

    This looks great fun! My little man is only 18 months so may be a little early for him but will certainly try it out soon.

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