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Uni-que fun with UniVerse collectable unicorn surprises

Unicorns are a firm favourite with Anya so she was beyond excited to discover the contents of the UniVerse surprise toys. I managed to hide the packaging from her so she had no idea that unicorns were involved!

Each packet contains a cloud with a cute face. You plunge it into warm water and the cloud dissolves, releasing a colour which hints about the contents (it corresponds to the different places the unicorns come from but this only works when you have the sheet that give all the different options)


The water goes horribly slimy which is the only downside to this toy. I found that it was possible to float the cloud on the water so the back dissolves then the front could be pulled away from the inner contents. The hotter the water and the more you use then the more diluted the slime is.



Inside the cloud are four blind bags containing surprises.
Anya was dancing with delight when she discovered the unicorn inside! Each one comes with a little friend, accessories and a scratch card that gives you information such as favourite food and likes and dislikes, making each one more unique.


So, who did we get? Goddess Goldie, Sunburst Sydney, Lotsa Mozza Ella and Jam-Boree Jamie.

Sunburst Sydney glows in the dark so Anya spent part of the afternoon in a dark cupboard playing 😀 Lotsa Mozza Ella has a fuzzy moustache. Some have real hair or other features ti make them uni-que and Anya wants to collect all 40!


*We were sent this toy for the purpose of this review. Alll opinionns and photos are my own



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