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James May the Reassembler (the Flying Scotsman) and Flying Scotsman: Sounds From the Footplate

Wow wow wow!

The train enthusiast in me is in awe of these two programmes. So thanks to BBC4!

First we had James May taking apart his very own Flying Scotsman Hornby engine from the 1970s. His commentary was superb and had me and Chris giggling. His relationship with the filming team was evident as were his passion for the engine and the skill of ‘footling’ (as my dad would call it).

Next we watched the footplate experience and viewed the skilled team drive the actual 60103 Flying Scotsman on the Severn railway. We saw the version with the commentary and I was happy to make a few knowledgeable comments which they then said too 🙂

These were perfect programmes for us all to watch together. Enough trains to keep the youngsters interested and varying levels of humour and expertise for us old. If you didn’t get to see them yet, find them on I player quick!

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