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Wedding Wednesday: the engagement shoot

Engagement photography shoots are a relatively new thing. Celebrities in magazines would have them but normal people like us didn’t. I don’t think they were around 10 years ago when my sister got married but I have seen several friends have them in recent years.
Our wedding photographer offered us a shoot and we snapped it up! It is a great opportunity to meet with your photographer and develop a rapport before the big day!

We decided to return to Waverley Abbey which was a beautiful backdrop for our pics.
Chris and I are both very shy and more keen on being behind the camera than in front of it so it was good practice for being the centre of attention at our wedding this summer!

We also asked for family photos as our engagement (and wedding and marriage!) is about our whole family. I absolutely adore the 2nd pic as Chris and I are giggling and the look on Zach’s face is hilarious 🙂
We also requested some individual pics of the children as we need more wall art for our home!

A huge thank you to David Charles Cleary Photography for our beautiful collection of photos!


  1. A great relationship stands out here. Not heard of engagement shoots but what a good idea to help you develop a relationship in advance of the Big Day #BloggersBest

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