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Wedding Wednesday: the history of wedding favours

Chris and I are getting our heads round the fact that if we are having a wedding we are going to do it properly. That includes all the things that we weren’t originally planning on such as a wedding cake and photographer.
One thing that I thought we’d leave out were wedding favours. As far as I’m concerned they are a bit pointless but after getting swept up in the number of purple options available 😀 and looking at the history of them, I’m beginning to change my mind.

Originally favours were made of sugar to signify wealth and generosity as it was expensive and rare. Sugar was also believed to have benefits to health so was a sign of caring for the wellbeing of the guests.
Centuries later almonds covered in sugar (known as confetti) became popular and traditionally 5 were given to each guest to symbolise wealth, fertility, health, longevity and happiness.
The almond and sugar combination represents the bitter sweetness of marriage (don’t panic, Chris!)

Today’s favours can range from chocolates to soaps, candles to bubbles. There is a huge variety of choice (a little overwhelming!) and I haven’t decided yet what would suit us and our guests best. I like the idea of carrying on with the tradition of having 5 but think we will steer clear of almonds…


  1. I had a candy bar at my wedding. For place cards I had small colorful paper sacks with the persons name and table number. They then used that bag to bring home some candy. I spend 6 months hitting every candy sale in my local town to stock up. Everything from gummies, to chocolate to pixi sticks. It was a huge hit! #bloggerclubUK

  2. Sarah

    We got married and ended up donating to charity instead. Lots of lovely ideas for favours nowadays. Lots of friends have had candy carts which are lovely – my kids loved it! x #bloggersclubuk

  3. We wanted to give people something because we had moved out of state and a lot of people flew to us for our wedding.
    We ended up getting personalized koozies that said “I went to Sara & Tyler’s wedding and all I got was this damn koozie” with our monogram and wedding date on the other side. It was just our style! Laid back and fun (cheap and useful as well!)

  4. Ahhh I forgot about what the 5 sugared almonds represented. I love wedding favours, it’s such a nice gesture. For our wedding we had little packs of seeds that were flowers to attract butterflies and personalised chocolates! Thanks for linking up with the #BloggersBests

  5. Fiona jk42

    Our daughter hade a “home-made” wedding and as part of the decor we used tea light holders made from jam-jars that were decorated with pieces of hessian, lace and ribbon. We had a fun afternoon with all the bridesmaids and a few of my friends making them. We made enough jars so that each wedding guest could take one home as a favour, which also meant we weren’t left with loads of decorated jars after the wedding!

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