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My very own website!!! Yikes!


#MySundayPhoto sibling similarities

Zach continues a tradition that Matthew used to have of wearing a woolly hat in sweltering weather! Anya also never dresses appropriately for the weather unless nagged so we get shorts in winter and long sleeves in summer…

#MySundayPhoto the highs and lows of being outdoors

We have spent plenty of time outdoors this week and I managed to find our first and only rose of the year! The downside of being outside is I was attacked by bugs! I have small bites on my face and one arm but on my leg and other arm the bites have swollen up […]

#MySundayPhoto happy families

This pic was taken last Sunday at a family gathering for my great uncle’s 80th birthday. Me and my sister have always been close and our children simply adore each other 🙂

#MySundayPhoto green fingers

It looks like Zach has inherited a love of gardening (not from me!) Chris has been removing the raised beds/veggie patch as we have decided to focus on our berries. The kids have loved any chance to get muddy and the chance to dig to Australia couldn’t be missed! I’ve written before about the importance […]

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