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Click and create with K’Nex: toy review

*I received this item for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. K’Nex is a well known brand that has been around since 1992 and is a system of rods and connectors that click together to make, well, almost ANYTHING! It is a great resource for supporting fine motor development, stimulating imagination, […]

Going Greek, by Sue Roberts

TV presenter Sam Southern meets a dishy doctor on a night out and they end up in bed. But when she leaves the hotel with him the next morning, she has no idea of the disaster which will follow. He didn’t tell her he was married but the newspapers portray her as a scarlet woman. […]

The Vacation, by M. M. Chouinard

A dream trip to Jamaica turns into every parent’s nightmare as a child disappears. Three year old Lily has vanished from the bedroom when her parents check on her. However, there are major relationship strains and secrets which may be relevant to her disappearance… The Vacation is a tense thriller about the disappearance of a […]

It’s my birthday! Famous events on 30th May

Obviously the most important event in history is my birthday! But the 30th May is important for other things that happened too! Birthdays:   Ooh my husband will be impressed as he loves Wicked: Idina Menzel (who is turning 50 this year), Harry Enfield (actor and comic), Helen Sharman (astronaut), Rachael Stirling (actress, daughter of […]

The Marriage Lie, by Ali Mercer

On her 40th birthday, Stella is shocked when her husband announces that he wants to separate. He drops her off at a new house but Stella refuses to accept that the marriage is over. There are secrets the couple have kept for 15 years and her husband now threatens to reveal them… OK, so I […]