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Archive for May 2023

The Last Holiday, by Amy Sheppard

A group of friends gather for a holiday in Cornwall but for one of the group it is their last holiday ever. Annie dies and one of her friends may be the murderer… The Last Holiday is a psychological thriller with an element of murder mystery. Over two decades of friendship and secrets come to […]

Tricolore chickpea salad

Chickpea salads are one of my go-to recipes when we have a BBQ. I normally throw in whatever salad veg I have but thought I would be more organised this time and focus on green, red and yellow. Ingredients 400g can of chickpeas, drained 5 cherry tomatoes, quartered 4 tablespoons tinned sweetcorn one quarter of […]

Her Last Promise, by Catherine Hokin

1963, Germany. Hanni and Freddy’s son runs away to her Nazi father and Hanni decides it is time to make Reiner pay for his war crimes once and for all… Her Last Promise is the fourth book to feature Hanni and Freddy. I have previously read and reviewed the earlier three books in the series: […]

The Victim, by Ruth Harrow

Leah went missing two years ago, leaving her best friend and adopted sister bereft. Now Claire finds herself kidnapped too… The Victim is a psychological thriller set in the UK. Leah and Claire grew up together and were devoted to each other. Yet after Leah disappears, secrets are revealed and Claire wonders if she really […]

The Babysitter’s Secret, by Casey Kelleher

Sasha heads to her old family home to find answers about her past but is mistaken for a nanny. The owner of the house invites her in and leaves her in charge of her children while she heads off to work. But Sasha begins to remember the past as well as facing problems in the […]