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Archive for September 2022

Death at the Lychgate, by T.A. Belshaw

The village arrive at the church for the Sunday service but find the vicar’s body at the lychgate. One of the parishioners is Amy Rowlings and she is eager to investigate! She teams up with Sergeant Bodkin against his superior’s orders… Death at the Lychgate is the second cosy murder mystery book to feature Amy […]

The Maid’s Secret, by Shari J. Ryan

Mila and Ben are a pair of star crossed lovers. Finding romance whilst Europe sinks into war, she is a Romani traveller and he is an aristocratic Jew. Can their love and their lives survive the onslaught of Nazism…? The Maid’s Secret is an historical novel set in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Mila […]

Simple air fryer potato wedges

I may be a little bit in love with my air fryer. I don’t think I have used my normal oven in weeks! My latest experiment was potato wedges and they were so good that Chris couldn’t believe I’d made them from scratch (especially as it only took 20 minutes!) Very simple ingredients although I […]

Daggers at the Country Fair, by Catherine Coles

Martha Miller is enjoying her celebrity status as an amateur sleuth and is invited to open a fair in a nearby village. But she soon finds a body and is embroiled in another murder investigation… Daggers at the Country Fair is the second book to feature Martha Miller and vicar Luke Walker. I have reviewed […]

A Death at Neptune Cove, by Emma Jameson

Jemima Jago is trying to celebrate a friend’s birthday when she finds a murder victim in a secluded cove. It soon becomes clear that the victim had many lovers as well as a secret past, but who wanted him dead? A Death at Neptune Cove is the fourth amateur sleuth Jem Jago book, set on […]