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book reviews

A Christmas Wish and a Cranberry Kiss at the Cosy Kettle, by Liz Eeles

    Becca runs The Cosy Kettle cafe and shares a house with her best friend Zac. She is crippled by a lack of self confidence so writes a list of wishes which she believes will make her happier in time for Christmas. The festive period provides the opportunity for the plot: Becca’s love interest […]

Break the Silence, by D.K. Hood

  TRIGGER WARNING: this book deals with rape and suicide, please do not read on if this may affect you Alton and Kane arrive back from a break to a suspected suicide of a college student. Her autopsy reveals she was drugged and gang raped prior to her death. Did Chrissie kill herself due to […]

The Other Daughter, by Shalini Boland

    The Other Daughter begins with the abduction of a toddler. Horrific for any parent to endure or even imagine. Years later, Rachel has accepted that her daughter is probably dead. But then a new family arrive in the local area and she is instantly convinced that their eldest daughter Bella is actually her […]

The Empty Nest, by Sue Watson

  Kat has an incredibly close relationship with her daughter Amy who has now gone to university but still phones and texts every day. One weekend Amy is due to come home but fails to arrive or make any contact at all. Kat becomes frantic but everyone else thinks she is overreacting. What secrets is […]

The Paris Girl, by Natalie Meg Evans

  Set in 1920s Paris against a backdrop of the aftermath of World War One and the Russian Revolution, The Paris Girl is the story of displaced Russian Princess Tatiana. She is engaged to aristocratic Gerard but his brother Armand, deeply disturbed by his war experience, is madly in love with her. American photographer Regan […]