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book reviews

Looking Good Dead, by Stephen Puleston

June Bennett is a successful businesswoman. She is found dead by two of her employees, murdered by hanging and dressed in a 1930s costume. Drake and his team set to work but are interrupted by the discovery of another murder scene… Looking Good Dead is the 12th book in the DI Drake series. I have […]

My Husband’s Affair, by Ruth Heald

Jen and Rob seem to have the perfect marriage. But he has been cheating and lying in both his personal and professional lives. What will Jen do to protect her family? My Husband’s Affair is a psychological thriller about secrets being revealed. People think Jen has a charmed life. A devoted husband, three beautiful children, […]

A Body at the Dance Hall, by Marty Wingate

London 1922. Mabel Canning belongs to the Useful Women Company and also runs the amateur sleuth section. She is hired to act as a companion to a young woman from America, escorting her to the sights of town. But on a night out at the Palais dance hall, Mabel and her charge are implicated in […]

Murder on a Country Walk, by Janice Frost

Jane Bell is hoping for a quiet Halloween as she patrols the streets. But a call out concerning a Dracula brandishing a knife leads to a chase that is halted when her partner collapses and almost dies. The next morning Jane is devastated to be informed that the escaped Dracula went on to stab two […]

The New Son, by Iain Maitland

TRIGGER WARNING: adoption, miscarriage Nina is recovering from a miscarriage when the son she gave up for adoption 19 years ago arrives on her doorstep. He makes her re-evaluate her life and relationships, and her partner Gary is not happy at all with the new arrival… The New Son is a psychological thriller set in […]