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book reviews

Moonlight Over Mayfair, by Anton du Beke

    I was absolutely thrilled to be offered the chance to review Anton du Beke’s new novel Moonlight Over Mayfair. I admit to reading the first chapter in Anton’s voice but soon got over my adoration and enjoyed the book for its own merits. Set in the magnificent Buckingham Hotel in the 1930s, it […]

Hillary’s Back! by Faith Martin

Although a huge fan of Faith Martin, this is the first of her Hillary Greene series that I have read and it’s book number 18! I, therefore, came fresh to the book as she changes direction and we are introduced to a new team with a new recruit ex army Gareth who is adjusting to […]

Children’s book review: Uh Oh Milo! The Impolite Imps

Manners can be a tricky thing for children to understand and learn. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are major milestones when children can appreciate their meaning and use them appropriately. But now a new picture book series hopes to help parents everywhere to teach children these vital skills. The first book in the series was published […]

Hidden on the Fens, by Joy Ellis

A new case for DI Nikki Galena as a series of strange ‘gifts’ to an academic results in the discovery of a body on the couple’s land in a hidden cottage. The body is missing teen Jennifer and finding it calls into question the convitcion of Patrick Shale for her murder 15 years ago. Meanwhile, […]

The Wreckage, by Robin Morgan-Bentley

  Adam Selby kills himself by throwing himself in front of a car on a motorway. He leaves behind Alice and Max, a grieving widow and son but also the devastated driver of the car, Ben. Ben feels incredibly guilty even though he knows Adam’s act was deliberate. He seeks to make amends by helping […]