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book reviews

The Dead of Summer, by Jean Rabe

Wow, what a start to the book! We are straight into the action on the very first page of The Dead of Summer as a fairground ride malfunctions leading to multiple deaths. Then a comic book store owner is found murdered, horrifically tortured before death. Piper and her team begin their investigations and soon negligence […]

The Widow’s Secret, by Katharine Swartz

The discovery of a shipwreck off the coast of Whitehaven brings a marine archaeologist to the town to uncover its secrets. Rachel has personal and relationship issues following the death of her father when she was only 12 and this has had a serious impact on her own marriage and her relationship with her mother. […]

The Dead of Night, by Jean Rabe

Now in her sheriff role for 4 months, Piper is called out in The Dead of NIght to meet Mark ‘the Shark’ Thresher, a nonagenarian who is convinced his money is being stolen online. Piper agrees to investigate but on the way back to her car, she trips in the dark over some bones. A […]

Her Shallow Grave, by D.K. Hood

The snow is lying thick on the ground and frozen bodies are being found. Frozen by man, not nature. A serial killer is killing women, cutting them up with a chainsaw and then making ‘art’ with the pieces. It is a grisly case for Alton and Kane but absolutely superb! The personal life of Jenna […]

Dead Wicked, By Helen H. Durrant

  The 10th book in the Calladine and Bayliss series, Dead Wicked sees the two lead detectives re-evaluating their personal and professional lives. Calladine has been acting DCI but doesn’t want to be stuck behind a desk so requests to return to his usual role. Bayliss’s partner walks out on her and their son but […]