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Boredom busters from Milly & Flynn and Ginger Fox

Half term. The kids are exhausted but you don’t want them in a zombie state in front of technology. Time for some creative fun with Milly & Flynn and Ginger Fox. We were kindly sent a box of goodies to keep the children entertained. The Milly & Flynn products included were aimed at ages 5 […]

The Fortune Teller’s Promise, by Kelly Heard

  Dell Shaw has a beautiful but resentful mother and a kind but drug addicted father. On one visit to her mother, she is groped by a ‘friend’ of Anita’s, but finds no support from either her mother or the man’s wife. Instead they blame her for inciting his attentions. Years later, she falls in […]

#StayClassyMama 55

Hello and welcome to the #StayClassyMama linky. Half term is rushing by! We went away to Stratford for a long weekend and have had a load of playdates since our return with plans to head off to my mother in law’s overnight before we get back to school. Busy, busy, busy! I am sad to […]

Silent Crimes, by Michael Hambling

  Somehow the previous 7 books in this series had escaped my notice (I blame the kids as I gave up reading due to lack of time and am now rediscovering my passion as I try to inspire them to love books too). Book number 8 Silent Crimes works perfectly as a stand alone book […]

3Doodler Start Essential Pen Set: unleash technology and creativity!

  I first spied the 3Doodler at Blog On last month and fell in love, knowing a certain 9 year old boy who would as well. Matthew is not a naturally artistic or creative child but enjoys the scientific side of construction and design (possibly inheriting the engineering gene from my dad?) The 3Doodler is […]