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The Girl in the Photo, by Catherine Hokin

TRIGGER WARNING: anti-Semitism and the Holocaust 1950, Hanni displays her wartime photos and her Jewish husband Freddy recognises a girl in one of the photos as his sister. This gives him hope that she survived the camps so the couple travel to Prague to try to find her. Hanni has been keeping her own past […]

#Project365 2023 week 4

Day 21: exploring the local area again with a visit to Yateley Common. Plenty of ice! Day 22: a shopping date with Anya Day 23: a disastrous lunch date at the restaurant where we had our first date. My first plate wasn’t vegan and its replacement wasn’t gluten free. Really concerned about their allergy knowledge […]

The Family Reunion, by Karen King

Mary gave away her baby when she was a teenager. Now her husband has died and she wants to find the daughter she has never forgotten. She is delighted to find her long lost daughter Cathy but her other children are not so thrilled… The Family Reunion is a family drama and psychological thriller set […]

First Degree Murder, by M.J. Weatherall

TRIGGER WARNING: recreational drug use Matilda Darcy returns to her university course and shared house after the Christmas break. She split up with Dean just before the holidays and is looking to party to heal her broken heart and show him what he is missing. But another student dies during a party game and other […]

A disastrous date at Rackstraws Beefeater

It is 8 and a half years since Chris and I had our first date and nearly 5 years since we got married. Both of these major events involved Rackstraws in Sandhurst. So we decided to revisit our happy memories with a meal out and a lingering snog in the car park 😀 Lunch didn’t […]