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The Wrong Family, by Ellery Kane

Hallie has grown up in foster care after the death of her mother. Now an adult, she tracks down her father via a DNA testing website. Robert is thrilled to meet her and immediately invites her to stay in his luxurious home with his family and work in their restaurant. But Hallie is keeping secrets, […]

Holiday 2023 day 8: Boscobel House

We left the cottage early and reunited with Chas and Wurzel within the hour. I’m not sure who was more delighted to see the other! We headed back into England (past a rather nasty road accident) and drove to Boscobel House near Stafford. Boscobel House is an Englsih Heritage property and important for British history […]

The Postcard, by Carly Schabowski

TRIGGER WARNING: Nazi brutality, domestic abuse Mia heads to the Poland-Germany border to visit her dying grandmother Ilse. Ilse cries out for Szymon and Mia finds a series of postcards between Szymon and Tadeusz at Ilse’s home. Can she find Szymon and bring her grandmother solace in her final days? The Postcard is a dual […]

All Good Things, by Amanda Prowse

Daisy Harrap looks on longingly at her perfect neighbours, the Kelleways. Winnie and Bernie are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary but what secrets are the family hiding from the wider world…? All Good Things is a domestic and family drama about two neighbouring families set in the UK Poor Daisy has an upsetting homelife. Her […]

#Project365 2023 week 34

Day 232: a day out in Guildford to visit Dapdune Wharf, a model railway show, Guildford Castle and the shops! Day 233: we’d planned a day out but stayed home to watch the Lionesses in action instead (shame about the result 🙁 but what a penalty save by Mary Earps! ) Day 234: oh dear, […]