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My new job as a food technician

So, I am currently 2 weeks into my temporary job as a food technician at the school where I invigilate exams. It has been an eye opening experience! I’ll be honest that many of the tasks I have to complete are quite mundane like doing washing and folding tea towels. However, it can also be […]

Deadeye, by Stewart Giles

  I am a bit miffed as I loved Severed, book 10 of the Jason Smith series, my first introduction to this wonderful author and his lead character. Somehow I missed book 11! And based on the impact it has on events in this book Deadeye, it must have been another stunning read! Anyway, back […]

The Holdout, by Graham Moore

I absolutely loved this book. I kept annoying my husband and children by telling them what was happening! In 2009, 12 strangers begin jury service and get a murder case that goes on for months. When they begin their deliberation, 11 jurors vote gulty but Maya Seale stands firm and asserts her doubts. Gradually, she […]

#StayClassyMama 71

Hello and welcome to the #StayClassyMama linky. I am currently busy with jobs 6 and 7 so feeling pretty knackered! How are you? I am thrilled to be joined by new regular hosts, Karen from Cats, Kids, Chaos and Sophie from Mummy of a Square Peg!¬†And we have a new badge for 2020, please make […]

Uni-que fun with UniVerse collectable unicorn surprises

Unicorns are a firm favourite with Anya so she was beyond excited to discover the contents of the UniVerse surprise toys. I managed to hide the packaging from her so she had no idea that unicorns were involved! Each packet contains a cloud with a cute face. You plunge it into warm water and the […]