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Memories of Wild Rose Bay, by Susanne O’Leary


Memories of Wild Rose Bay book cover

Kate O’Rourke moves from Dublin to Sandy Cove to take over the role of doctor. The small country practice is a world away from her busy city experience to date. But she is keen to enjoy the local area as her recently deceased father’s family originated from the area and it makes her feel close to him.
Love is in the air when Kate meets local healer Cormac O’Shea but they antagonise each other as she relies on science while he is more holistic. Will hearts win out over heads?
This is my third visit to Sandy Cove and Wild Rose Bay, and the 5th book in Susanne O’Leary’s beautiful series set in Ireland. Once again I was pulled in to the setting and could easily imagine the power of the landscape and the lilting Irish tones. We do see occasional glimpses of characters form the preceding books but this would work perfectly as a stand alone novel.
Kate is a strong lead character and needs to navigate the tricky path of a small rural community adapting to a young female doctor. She is grief stricken following the death of her father, the doctor who inspired her. She is unhappy with the clinical sterility of being a city doctor and wants to have the time and opportunity to provide a more personal medical service to her patients.
Yet, her scientific side comes to the fore in her dealings with Cormac who is the seventh son of a seventh son and is believed to have magical healing powers. There is a spark between the couple but their polar opposite opinions get in the way (opposites attract?)
Memories of Willow House is a light hearted feel good novel but also a strangely powerful story of staying true to yourself and accepting the differences in others.
I have previously reviewed Dreams of Willow House and Daughters of Wild Rose Bay by Susanne O’Leary

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Publication Day Media Kit
Title: Memories of Wild Rose Bay
Author:  Susanne O’Leary
Publication Day: August 6th 2020
Buy Links:
 Amazon: https://geni.us/B086XCW784Social
Apple: https://apple.co/2XArBNB
Kobo: https://bit.ly/3acoJJz
Google: https://bit.ly/2RDwems
A feel-good love story about taking chances and finding yourself, set under the endless, twinkling stars of the Wild Atlantic Way.
When Kate O’Rourke takes up a temporary position as a doctor in Sandy Cove, she hopes spending time in the place where her father was from will help her find herself again. Ever since his passing she has felt lost, but she imagines the calming sound of the sea on the Irish coast will allow her to heal.
Kate immediately feels at home in the old surgery, and as she takes walks beside the camellia bushes along Wild Rose Bay and meets every resident in the tiny village, she feels like this is where she’s meant to be. And when she’s told about local healer Cormac O’Shea, she’s excited to learn even more about the history of the area, and meet the man who every woman in town says is so charming.
But Kate quickly realises that she and Cormac have different ideas about how their patients should be treated. Kate is efficient and well-organised, whilst Cormac is wild and spontaneous, passionate about his ancestors’ reliance on Irish healing. And their differences cause more sparks than Kate is prepared to admit.
Just as Kate and Cormac begin to understand one another, Kate’s old life threatens to call her away from Sandy Cove forever. And she is finally forced to decide what life she wants to lead, and what kind of person she wants to be…
A beautiful story about finding love in Ireland, Memories of Wild Rose Bay is a gorgeously uplifting read. Fans of Debbie Macomber, Sheila O’Flanagan and Mary Alice Monroe won’t stop turning the pages.

author Susanne O'Leary 

Author Bio:
Susanne O’Leary is the bestselling author of more than twenty novels, mainly in the romantic fiction genre. She has also written three crime novels and two in the historical fiction genre. She has been the wife of a diplomat (still is), a fitness teacher and a translator. Susanne now writes full-time from either of two locations, a ramshackle house in County Tipperary, Ireland or a little cottage overlooking the Atlantic in Dingle, County Kerry. When she is not scaling the mountains of said counties, or keeping fit in the local gym, she keeps writing, producing a book every six months.
Visit Susanne at her website, http://www.susanne-oleary.co.uk  or her blog, http://bit.ly/11F4e4S 
Find her on Facebook, http://on.fb.me/1A2NAbr and on Twitter, http://bit.ly/1rH67dK



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Mysteries in Time subscription box review

I have mentioned several times that I am a history graduate and adore researching the past. I was delighted to spot Mysteries In Time, a subscription box for children with information and activities to encourage fun learning about different historical eras.

This subscription box is aimed at children aged 7-11 and has a range of activities included. We received the Elizabethan box but there are 11 others to be collected starting with Ancient Egypt (see Melanie’s Fab Finds review here)
The outer box resembles a time machine and can be personalised if requested. The box can be used as your own time machine to play a time travel game.

An insert describes the different actvities included and a suggested order to complete them.
There is a magazine with factual information about famous people and significant events as well as everyday aspects of life. There are also colouring pages and puzzles to complete.

The fiction book features a boy and girl as main characters. There are pictures dotted throughout to make it more accessible to younger or reluctant readers. Matthew is a voracious reader and read the book easily while Anya enjoyed listening tome read aloud.

Anya was very excited to get the chance to do some painting and loved the glitter and sparkly gems provided for the craft (this is a bonus activity in the bumper box, the classic box does not have a craft)


Other items included in this pack include a compass, a bookmark and stickers. Your first box will also contain a map (which is brilliant for me as I am hopeless at geography!) with a timeline.

Classic Mysteries In Time boxes are available for £7.95 each and the bumper box with the bonus craft is £12.95. A year’s subscription will take your child through all 12 boxes and eras.

*I received this box for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own

#Project366 2020 week 32

Day 215: Anya had a birthday party at Go Ape. It was lovely to be out and about and even better for her to spend time with friends.

Day 216: week 7 of the Couch to 5k and I spent most of the week like this. Tendonitis in both knees and my right Achilles

Day 217: consulting the world map and timeline from the Mysteries In Time subscription box we were sent to review

Day 218: Anne of Cleves finished and Catherine Howard under way

Day 219: Mum and Dad had bought some official duck food so the children enjoyed a walk

Day 220: it may have been the hottest day in August for 17 years but I still ran almost 3 miles in the morning for my Couch to 5k, followed by our daily Joe Wicks work out

Day 221: we completed our Marvel film marathon, an item crossed off our summer bucket list. We started watching months ago and now it feels like lockdown is almost over…

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Mug the Wumph the Dancing Wizard, by Nicola J. Rowley

Minty Taylor’s best friends have vanished along with other local children including the head teacher’s son. She finds a mysterious object that looks like a coin and her magical adventure begins when dancing wizard Mug the Wumph arrives to claim it. Can Minty save her friends from the clutches of evil wizard Grimacant…?
Mug the Wumph the Dancing Wizard is a wonderful character. Born a human, he developed magical powers which led to his estrangement from his family. The act of dancing to create magic is a lovely touch and I enjoyed his magical animals the Concur Bird and Cupro Blue (a cat).
Minty is strong willed and resourceful. She is brave and loyal too. I think that having a balance of the sexes in the two main characters will mean that boys and girls would enjoy this book equally (yes, I know it shouldn’t matter but it usually does 🙁 )
At the beginning of the book are some illustrations to help with the visualisation of the characters which is really helpful for younger readers as there are no other illustrations in the book. If you want a sneak peek, then take a look here: https://www.mugthewumph.com/characters
Mug the Wumph the Dancing Wizard is aimed at children aged 7 to 12. Matthew is 10 and would be able to read this quite easily and quickly. Anya is 7 and a more reluctant reader so she and Zach (who is only 4) enjoyed listening to me read this aloud to them. The chapters and overall length are not too daunting for developing readers, and the language used is appropriate and will hopefully encourage vocabulary progression.
There were some leaps of intuition that Minty made which I felt could have been explored in more detail and perhaps more clues given to bring the reader along too. I did have a few questions such as what does Wumph mean? Is it a magical term? I wanted to meet more of the magical community and find out more about their way of life but I suspect this will feature in later books.
The plot of Mug the Wumph the Dancing Wizard is engaging and fun for adults and children. I really enjoyed the scenes with the rainbow bus which were particularly easy to imagine and my kids liked this too.
There is plenty of potential for at least one sequel and I look forward to reading more of Minty and Mug the Wumph’s adventures in the future.
Mug the Wumph the Danicng Wizard book cover
Mug the Wumph the Dancing Wizard book blurb
12-year-old Minty Taylor is a daydreamer.
She loves to lose herself in her own imagination and artwork of fantasy characters.
She is struggling with loneliness at school, after two of her closest friends are among twelve pupils, who mysteriously disappear during an Orienteering lesson overseen by bumbling supply teacher Mr Crumpler.
Then one day, Minty discovers a unique ten-sided copper coin, inscribed with the words “Quaerite et Invenietis.” Taken by its beauty, though others think it is just “tat”, she picks it up and holds onto it for safe keeping.
Later that night, while she is struggling to sleep because of the summer heat, she remembers the coin, and tosses it into the air.
Without realising it, she has summoned Mug the Wumph the Dancing Wizard, Cupro Blue his faithful cat and the magical Concur Bird, who arrive in Minty’s road on a small blue floating carpet.
What unfolds is an epic magical adventure.
Mug the Wumph is convinced that Grimacant, an evil wizard who lives on the other side of Wild Boar Wood is up to no good.
Is the disappearance of Minty’s best friends and her other classmates just a co-incidence or is Grimacant stripping them of their memories and using them to his own end?
And how does Mr Crumpler fit into everything?
Mug the Wumph is a magical tale of dancing wizardry, beautiful music and the imagination and bravery of a 12-year-old girl put to good use to help save the children from Primrose Valley Comprehensive.
Mug the Wumph the Dancing Wizard author Nicola J Rowley
About the author:
Nicola J Rowley is an Author, Photographer and Communications expert.
She has written two Children’s Picture Books, James and the Amazing Gift and the award-winning James and the Birthday Balloon, (Red Ribbon Award – The Wishing Shelf Awards 2017, Children’s Book of the Year 2017 Online Book Club).
Nicola was born in Basildon in Essex and credits having some great teachers at primary and secondary school who both inspired and helped nurture her love of the written word.
From the age of seven, when her aunt asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she answered, “A writer or a poet”.
Nicola studied Journalism and Sociology at City University in London so that she could become a journalist and write. She fell in love with broadcasting and instead became a radio newsreader, TV producer and reporter, before moving into Communications.
In between it all, she also launched her own successful photography business, which she still runs today, specialising in weddings and commercial imagery.
When her son was born in 2014, within weeks she started reading to him. It was from seeing his enjoyment from turning the pages, learning new words and going on special adventures, which inspired her to write her first book; James and the Amazing Gift.
Nicola lives in Hersham, Surrey with her husband and son.