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#Project52 2024 week 16

Second week of the Easter holidays has been one of celebrations. My teeny baby has turned 8! Zach is growing up so quickly and it breaks my heart as well as making me so proud of all he achieves. My nephew’s birthday too and we are spending time together this weekend. Our final celebration was a sadder one as we said a final goodbye to Nancy, Uncle Roy’s beloved wife. Funerals are such a strange mix of love and grief, a reminder of wonderful memories and to cherish our loved ones.

We have finally arranged to have our shower replaced, woohoo! Chris got an electric shock off ours years ago and we haven’t touched it since. Neither electricians nor plumbers would go anywhere near it so I bit the bullet this week and decided to just replace the whole thing. The kids can’t wait for it to be fitted next week! We also need new sofas as ours are on their last legs. So many options though…!

Looking Good Dead, by Stephen Puleston

Looking Good Dead book cover
June Bennett is a successful businesswoman. She is found dead by two of her employees, murdered by hanging and dressed in a 1930s costume. Drake and his team set to work but are interrupted by the discovery of another murder scene…
Looking Good Dead is the 12th book in the DI Drake series. I have read and reviewed books 10 and 11: Time To Die and Stone Cold Dead. Each book works as a standalone but personal and professional relationships have developed over the series.
June made enemies across her wide business interests as well as in her personal life. There are plenty of suspects for Drake and his team to investigate and pinning down motive is tricky. The killer uses the media to publicise his murders and directly targets Drake who fears for the safety of his family.
Most of the book is written to show the police investigation. There are some chapters written from the killer’s first person perspective and this adds to the tension as we witness his schemes and actions.
As I’ve said in my earlier reviews, I really like Drake and his stable family life. He has just got back from honeymoon and his new wife supports him completely rather than begrudging his dedication to his work. The Welsh landscape and culture underpins the plot and I felt immersed in the events and characters’ lives.
Looking Good Dead is an enjoyable police procedural with an easy-to-like lead detective.


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Looking Good Dead (Inspector Drake Book 12)
 Can DI Drake uncover the mysterious connection between two unconnected victims dressed in 1930s attire before more deaths?
 Two startled shop assistants find the body of well-known businesswoman June Bennett hanging in a shop premises she owns. Drake and his team immediately suspect her death is linked to the parties she organised where revellers wore 1930s style clothes.
As suspicion falls upon her husband, the investigation takes an unexpected turn when the team uncovers ‘spin-off’ parties of a more scandalous nature. With the sudden death of an unrelated bank manager, Inspector Drake faces the formidable task of establishing a motive that links both victims.
Tension escalates as the killer taunts Drake with chilling photographs from the scene of the second murder, attracting a deluge of media attention. Yet, Drake is determined to stay resolute, drawing upon the echoes of his past battles?
Looking Good Dead is the twelfth book in the dynamic Inspector Drake crime series. If you like police procedurals, clever mysteries, and gripping page-turners, then you’ll love Stephen Puleston’s unnerving whodunit.

Stephen Puleston was born in Holyhead/Caergybi, Ynys Môn, in Wales. After leaving university he trained and practised as a lawyer.
He is now a full time author presently writing two crime series. Both are based in Wales, a country rich in history and spectacular scenery.
The Inspector Ian Drake books involve a detective inspector based in North Wales, the area where he was born and raised, who faces his own demons while solving gruesome murders.
The Inspector John Marco series follows the adventures of John Marco an inspector based in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. He’s from a Welsh-Italian family catching the killers at large in the bustling city of Cardiff.
All the novels in the Inspector Drake and Marco series are available as audiobooks. All are narrated by experienced professional actors.
Stephen lives with his family in Ynys Môn/Anglesey.


My Husband’s Affair, by Ruth Heald

My Husband's Affair book cover
Jen and Rob seem to have the perfect marriage. But he has been cheating and lying in both his personal and professional lives. What will Jen do to protect her family?
My Husband’s Affair is a psychological thriller about secrets being revealed.
People think Jen has a charmed life. A devoted husband, three beautiful children, a luxury penthouse apartment, no work as she is fully supported by her husband. Behind the scenes, Jen feels uneasy and trapped. Her past has made her vulnerable but also given her the determination to protect her children at any cost.
The early part of the book shows us Jen’s life and contrasts this with chapters showing Rob’s affair in the preceding months. This means we know he is a cheat before Jen does and raises the anticipation as we wait for her to find out. I thought I was so clever working out who Rob was having an affair with: I was wrong! Halfway through the book we know who he has been seeing and what dodgy dealings he has been involved with.
Secrets and lies unravel and the characters adapt to their new circumstances. I didn’t find the characters’ actions particularly credible but was fascinated by the plot twists. Plans begin to spiral out of control for Jen and Rob, and I was gripped as I couldn’t wait to see how events would unfold.
My Husband’s Affair was an entertaining and dramatic psychological thriller.
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My Husband’s Affair: A totally addictive and heart-pounding psychological thriller
 We promised forever. But only one of us will leave this marriage alive…
I thought I had the perfect marriage. But as our beautiful children sleep soundly in the next room, I stare at the messages between my husband Rob and another woman, their promises to run away together bringing tears to my eyes. My heart stops when I see the latest one: ‘Leave my wife to me. I’ll get rid of her.’
My blood runs cold. I know this woman. I’ve let her into my home, where she’s bounced my rosy-cheeked baby on her knee. She could ruin my life in moments – she knows things about me even Rob doesn’t…
They think they can get rid of me so easily. They think they can just tear apart the perfect life we’ve built. But they’ve made a mistake underestimating me. He doesn’t know I’ve uncovered his secrets. And now I know just enough to destroy him.
I can play the perfect wife for just a little longer. I’ll do anything to protect my children and my life. And he has no idea just how far I’ll go…
A completely gripping psychological thriller about unthinkable betrayal by those you love the most, perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, Claire McGowan and The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose.
Author Bio:
Ruth Heald is the bestselling author of psychological thrillers THE WEDDING, I KNOW YOUR SECRET, THE MOTHER’S MISTAKE and THE WOMAN UPSTAIRS, and the relationship drama 27: SIX FRIENDS, ONE YEAR.
Ruth studied Economics at Oxford University and then worked in an eclectic mix of sectors from nuclear decommissioning to management consulting. She worked at the BBC for nine years before leaving to write full time. Ruth is fascinated by psychology and finding out what drives people to violence, destruction and revenge. She’s married with two children and her novels explore our greatest fears in otherwise ordinary, domestic lives.
Twitter: @RJ_Heald
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rjhealdauthor/
Instagram: @ruthheald
Website: https://ruthheald.com/
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A Body at the Dance Hall, by Marty Wingate

A Body at the Dance Hall book cover

London 1922. Mabel Canning belongs to the Useful Women Company and also runs the amateur sleuth section. She is hired to act as a companion to a young woman from America, escorting her to the sights of town. But on a night out at the Palais dance hall, Mabel and her charge are implicated in the death of a man…
A Body at the Dance Hall is the third book in the London Ladies’ Murder Club series centred on Mabel Canning. I have read and reviewed the first book in the series, A Body on the Doorstep, but need to catch up on the second. There are no spoilers about events in previous book although relationships between characters have developed over the earlier books.
Mabel accepts the role of companion to 18 year old Roxanne. But on their first night out to a dance hall, Mabel is locked up by a man who claims he is also there to keep an eye on Roxy. When she escapes the lcoked room, the man is dead and Roxy is covered in blood. Mabel sets to work to discover more about the victim so that she can find his killer.
Mabel is supported by her friends and neighbours, including Gladys the dog. Park continues to make her heart flutter as well as helping with the case due to his police knowledge and contacts. The tone of the writing is light hearted despite the murderous content.`I enjoyed the historical detail that brings the 1920s to life. Attitudes to women and class are explored over the course of the book and Mabel is quite modern in outlook.
A Body at the Dance Hall is an enjoyable cosy historical murder mystery.
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Book Description:
1922. Amateur sleuth Mabel Canning is surrounded by the bright lights of London as she chaperones a young American woman to a dance. But when someone is murdered, a deadly tango begins…
Meet plucky woman-about-town Mabel Canning, leader of the London Ladies’ Murder Club and trusted assistant to gentlewomen. When she is tasked with accompanying Roxy, a fun-loving heiress, on a glamorous night out, Mabel can’t wait to sip champagne and practice the foxtrot. But just as Roxy sashays out of sight, a mysterious man warns Mabel that the feisty young redhead is in danger. And someone is dead before the music stops…
Roxy was the last person to see the victim alive, and she stumbles into Mabel’s arms with her daffodil-yellow dress splashed with blood. Determined to protect her ward, Mabel gathers her dashing beau Winstone and her pals from the murder club. Together they trace the weapon back to the ballroom, but when its twin goes missing, it is clear time is running out to prevent another murder on the dance floor…
The police conclude the killer is in Roxy’s family, but Mabel finds herself spinning between a motley troupe of suspects. Mr Bryars, the anxious ballroom manager, is constantly tripping over himself to hide his secrets. But would he kill to protect his reputation? And young Ned Kettle may have looked dashing while waltzing around with Roxy, but he was once a notorious thief. Is the sticky-fingered rogue also a dab hand at murder?
Just as Mabel and her murder club friends quickstep closer to the truth, Roxy is kidnapped, and Mabel comes cheek to cheek with the killer. Can she save poor Roxy and herself? Or has she danced her last dance?
A delightfully witty and utterly addictive whodunnit absolutely bursting with 1920s sparkle, from USA Today bestselling author Marty Wingate. Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, Richard Osman, Verity Bright and T.E. Kinsey.
Author Bio:
Marty Wingate is a USA Today best-selling author of both mysteries and historical fiction. Marty enjoys weaving humor into her books and creating characters—from quirky and loveable to sinister and duplicitous—that leap off the page. Before embarking on her series about the London Ladies Murder Club with Bookouture, Marty published three contemporary cozy mystery series (the Potting Shed, Birds of a Feather, and First Edition Library books). She has also published two standalone books of historical fiction and found stories of the past to be compelling. She’s delighted to combine her penchant for both mysteries and histories to bring her readers more satisfying stories. Marty currently resides near Seattle, Washington.
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#Project52 2024 week 15

First week of the Easter holidays and what a wash out! I have got back into running but it is a bit tricky when you can’t see to avoid the puddles!
The weekend included a very bracing but fun trip to Dymchurch to visit my MIL, the beach (sadly it was high tide but the kids and dogs still loved it) and the 2p slot machines!