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The Babysitter’s Secret, by Casey Kelleher

The Babysitter's Secret book cover
Sasha heads to her old family home to find answers about her past but is mistaken for a nanny. The owner of the house invites her in and leaves her in charge of her children while she heads off to work. But Sasha begins to remember the past as well as facing problems in the present…
The Babysitter’s Secret is a psychological thriller set in the UK.
The book is written mainly from two perspectives: Sasha in the third person and Emily in the first person (and then later from Cecelia’s third person as well). Sasha is pretending to be from a babysitter agency and inserts herself into Cecelia’s family so she can move into the house and search for answers about her own past. Meanwhile Emily has been released from a psychiatric unit and is trying to live independently. She constantly hears a child screaming and thinks that her carers are trying to get her locked up again.
There are some serious issues dealt with in this book. Cecelia’s mum guilt at the beginning is so easy to relate to as a working mother myself. Emily’s mental health struggles are very emotive and don’t make for comfortable reading but felt very authentic. Sasha’s past trauma has severe implications for her own mental health as she has flashbacks.
I had a few theories about how the two main characters relate to each other, and one of them was correct. As the midway point approached I was pretty certain of how things would link together but the author couldn’t resist a twist even in the final chapter.
The Babysitter’s Secret is a tense and emotional psychological thriller.

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Author: Casey Kelleher
Pub Day: MAY 24TH 2023
Buy Link(s): https://geni.us/B0BHWP3XCWsocial
About the Book: 
Everything I thought I knew about my life is a lie. My mother revealed a terrible, dangerous secret in her last letter to me. But, with her death, any chance of knowing the truth has disappeared. I’ll have to do whatever it takes to find out for myself.
Going back to the house where I was born, I find a family living the life I’d always dreamed of. And when Cecelia, the mother, mistakes me for the new nanny, I seize the chance to move in. Maybe, being in the house every day and night, I will remember more, uncover more, about the secret that haunts me…
But this family is not the happy one it appears from the outside. Cecelia is angry, unpredictable, unstable. She is not the mother these children deserve. They are scared of her, and rightly so.
As my memories start to crystalize, I am ever more determined to shelter them from harm. Because history has a horrible way of repeating itself, and I’ll do everything I can to protect these children. But how long can I stay here, undetected, pretending to be someone I’m not? And if the children end up in danger, what will I have to do to save them…?
With twists no reader will EVER see coming, this incredibly gripping psychological thriller is perfect for fans of The Housemaid, The Widow and The Housewarming.

Author Bio
Casey Kelleher was born in Cuckfield, West Sussex, and she grew up as an avid reader.
Whilst working as a beauty therapist and bringing up their three children together with my husband, she penned her debut novel Rotten to the Core. Its success meant that Casey could give up her day job and concentrate on writing full time. 
If you click the yellow ‘follow’ button, Amazon will send you an email when she has a new release, or if there’s a special deal you might be interested in. It’s the best way to make sure you never miss a book! Casey loves connecting with her readers, and there are plenty of ways you can get in touch: 
Social Media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialCaseyKelleher/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/caseykelleher
Website: http://www.caseykelleher.co.uk/
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/caseykelleher/
Bookouture Email Sign Up: https://www.bookouture.com/casey-kelleher

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The Perfect Husband, by Danielle Ramsay

The Perfect Husband book cover
TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains sustained emotional and physical domestic abuse including rape
Jay adores Sophie. She is certain of this. But on their wedding night, just eight months after meeting, he breaks her wrist and calls her vile names. He blames her drinking for the incident but more abuse and violence follow. Can Sophie escape her ‘perfect’ husband…?
The Perfect Husband is a psychological thriller about a woman who is terrorised by her husband.
Sophie has met and married Jay on the rebound. Her family try to put her off but she is determined to move on. On the wedding night Jay transforms into someone she doesn’t recognise and it soon becomes clear that this isn’t a one-off incident. The threats and abuse are relentless as Sophie is gradually isolated from her friends and family, and has no means to escape her violent husband.
This book is impossible to enjoy as such. However, it was utterly absorbing. The book is written from Sophie’s first person perspective. I felt that I was right there in the situation alongside Sophie, confused and heartbroken by the terrible change in Jay, scared for her safety and the future.
The personal approach to the very sensitive subject of domestic abuse is very successful in engaging the reader. I was desperate for Sophie to escape but could understand why she didn’t. The actions of her mother and sister surprised me as they took things at face value and abandoned her so I didn’t find this very credible. There was a big twist at the end which I kind of expected but it was written well.
The Perfect Husband is a dark thriller but not for the faint hearted.

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The Perfect Husband
How do you know if you’ve married the wrong person?
It was a whirlwind romance and we had the perfect relationship.
He was my dream partner, loving, caring, attentive… until the day I married him and things became toxic.
I spent my wedding night in A&E with an ‘unexplained’ broken wrist – but I knew what happened….
My romantic illusions shattered. My fear of the future heightened.
The man I had fallen in love with wasn’t the man I married.
And that was just the start of things to come.
Quickly things escalated. He isolated me from family and friends, and with no one to turn to, he began to control every part of my life.
I tried to escape, but he watched my every move.
Until one day he went too far, and I found my strength to fight back.
I no longer wanted to be a victim.
I wanted to live.
I wanted my life back.
But at what cost?
In sickness and in health and till death us do part…
** Perfect for the fans of Louise Candlish and Adele Parks**
Purchase Link – https://mybook.to/PerfectHusbandsocial

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Author Bio –
Danielle Ramsay is a Scot living in a small seaside town in the North-East of England. Always a storyteller, it was only after completing a First Class (Hons) Degree in Media Production that she then went on to follow an academic career in literature. She was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger in 2009 and 2010, and appointed a New Writing North Read Regional author in 2011.
She is the author of five DI Jack Brady crime novels and The Last Cut, a dark thriller with DS Harri (Harriet) Jacobs. Danielle fills her days with horse-riding, running and murder by proxy.  She is also the proud Patron of the charity SomeOne Cares, which counsels survivors of domestic violence, rape and child abuse.

Social Media Links –
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danielle.ramsay.author/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/danielleramsay2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danielle.ramsay.author/?hl=en-gb

The Murder Affair, by Alice Castle

The Murder Affair book cover
Beth’s mother is grieving the loss of her male friend but at the funeral other women claim he was dating them too. His death was suspicious so could one of his women have taken revenge on the cheating man?
The Murder Affair is the 9th book in the Beth Haldane series. I have previously read the first book in the series, The Murder Mystery.
Len Broughton was a ladies’ man to say the least! He seems to have been dating about 10 women as well as having a wife and being engaged to Beth’s mum Wanda. However, he is not the only victim and Beth soon has a more intricate investigation on her hands. There are plenty of suspects to investigate and Wanda has set a deadline so Beth has to forge onwards with the help of her friends.
Beth’s character is great: down to earth with a police officer boyfriend and a teenage son. There was a good mix of the investigation alongside personal elements to the plot. I enjoyed the antagonistic relationship between Beth and her mother. However, it is also obvious that they love each other deeply and her mum has faith in her that she will solve the case.
The Murder Affair is an enjoyable cosy murder mystery.
The Murder Affair blog tour banner
The Murder Affair: An absolutely addictive cozy mystery (A Beth Haldane Mystery Book 9)
In a quiet little village, mourners gather for a church funeral. But some of the tears flowing are fake – and Beth Haldane suspects foul play…
On a rainy afternoon, Beth Haldane accompanies her elderly mother Wendy to the funeral of her boyfriend and local councillor Len. But as they gather in the church, Beth can’t help but notice how many women are there who look just like her mother.
As the service begins it soon becomes clear that all of the women thought they were Len’s special someone – and one of them even claims to be his distraught wife. Wendy suspects foul play and immediately asks Beth to investigate.
As Beth begins to speak to the women she has to ask, was one of Len’s many disgruntled girlfriends out for revenge? Why was Len borrowing money from the ladies he romanced? And why did his work for the local council seem so suspicious?
Then, Len’s secretary Bella is found dead amongst the dahlias in a planter. Beth starts to suspect Len was involved in something far more dangerous than she’d assumed but what did Bella know about his business that led to her unfortunate end?
With the village rumour mill in full swing, fingers start to point at Wendy. After all, distraught Wendy is telling everyone who lends her an ear that Len was murdered – and she saw Len the very evening he was found dead. The clock is ticking for Beth to clear her mother’s name before it’s too late!
A deliciously cozy and gripping murder mystery, perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, T.E. Kinsey and The Thursday Murder Club.
Buy link: https://geni.us/B0BZYYRSPZsocial
About the author
Before turning to crime, Alice Castle was a UK newspaper journalist for The Daily Express, The Times and The Daily Telegraph. Alice is an avid reader of crime fiction, her favourite stories are cozy crimes with a strong sense of place. When she couldn’t find a series about her beloved south London, she decided to write her own – and single mum amateur sleuth Beth Haldane was born. Alice also writes twisty psychological thrillers for HQ Digital under the name A.M. Castle. The Perfect Widow was a top selling audiobook in 2019 and The Invitation hit the top 50 on Amazon UK in 2021. Alice lives with her two children and two cats and, if she isn’t writing or reading a whodunit, she’ll be watching one on telly.
Author social media
Facebook URL
Instagram URL

#Project365 2023 week 21

Day 141: love these flowers in my parents’ front garden

Day 142: fun day with the Scout group and we started off with a competitive game of draughts (followed by mini golf and toasted marshmallows)

Day 143: back to school and our caterpillars had become butterflies!

Day 144: can you spot the squares where the guinea girls have been recently?

Day 145: oh dear, a terrible night’s sleep due to excruciating tummy pain

Day 146: still very tired and grumpy…

Day 147:… and it’s Friday and half term, hurrah!


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