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My Sister’s Husband, by Nicola Marsh


My Sister's Husband book cover


Brooke returns home after years hiding from the past. She finds her sister Freya engaged to a man she recognises, and her aunt is crippled by dementia but hints at secrets about the girls’ parents. Can the family relationships survive more lies?
I was instantly drawn into My Sister’s Husband. It is a wonderful mix of family drama and psychological thriller. Nicola Marsh uses multiple perspectives to let us understand the motives and actions of Brooke, Freya and Alice. I enjoyed the use of the dual timelines to show events from the past as well as the future.
Sibling rivalry is a concept that most families will experience to some degree. Seeing its effect in two generations is fascinating and compelling to read. Jealousy and lies are plentiful in this book and the plot has lots of twists and turns as we find out more about the past and present.
There are four main women in this book but we do not see Lizzie’s perspective. Alice’s timeline shows her unhappy past and how she rebuilt her life caring for her nieces. Brooke and Freya have an antagonistic relationship with each other but both want to care for Alice as she deteriorates due to the dementia. The three women are all flawed and have made mistakes which now impact their lives significantly.
Overall, My Sister’s Husband was a fascinating read and hugely enjoyable.
I have previously reviewed other Nicola Marsh books including The Last Wife, and The Scandal.


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Publication Day Media Kit
Title: My Sister’s Husband
Author:  Nicola Marsh
Publication Day: Oct 27th 2020
Buy Links:
Amazon: https://geni.us/B08DRNDRZZSocial
Apple: http://ow.ly/HgrW50ALiwX
Kobo: http://ow.ly/JihY50ALirC
Google: http://ow.ly/mHsr50AM19I
The sunroom at the back of the house is just as I remember. I can’t taste homemade lemonade or smell oatmeal cookies without thinking of home, of the beautiful cliffs of Martino Bay, and I feel welcomed. But all thoughts of a happy family reunion are destroyed the moment I see him…
He’s as handsome as I remember: broad shoulders, piercing blue eyes, hair the colour of burnt toffee.
The man who once meant the world to me. The reason I fled eleven years ago. I’ve never told anyone the terrible mistake I made that night. The secret we share. I’m still haunted by the crashing waves at the bottom of the cliffs, the blood…
But what is he doing at my sister’s house?
And then I see her. My baby sister. She smiles, she tips her hand so I can see the ring. And his arm slides around her waist, pulling her close…
A twisty and emotional domestic thriller for fans of Liane Moriarty, Kerry Fisher and Sally Hepworth from USA Today bestselling author Nicola Marsh. It will keep you turning the pages deep into the night absorbed by every last word.




Author Bio:
USA TODAY bestselling & multi-award winning author Nicola Marsh writes feel-good fiction with a twist!
She has published 68 books with Harlequin, Amazon and indie, and sold over 8 million copies worldwide.
She currently writes women’s fiction/rural romance for Harper Collins Australia Mira imprint, emotional domestic suspense for Bookouture and contemporary romance for Harlequin Dare.
Her first mainstream contemporary romance, BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD released to rave reviews, including a nomination for RWA’s RBY, Romantic Book of the Year.
Her first indie-pubbed contemporary romance CRAZY LOVE is an Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller, and was nominated for an ARRA award.
Her women’s fiction novel SAVING SARA with Lake Union hit the #1 kindle romance spot on Amazon UK.
Her young adult fantasy SCION OF THE SUN won a National Readers’ Choice Award for Best YA novel.
She’s also a Waldenbooks, Bookscan and Barnes & Noble bestseller, a RBY and National Readers’ Choice Award winner, is a multiple finalist for awards including the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, HOLT Medallion, Booksellers’ Best, Golden Quill, Laurel Wreath, More than Magic and has won several CataRomance Reviewers’ Choice Awards.
A physiotherapist for 13 years, she now adores writing full time, raising her two dashing young heroes, sharing fine food with family and friends, barracking loudly for her beloved North Melbourne Kangaroos footy team, and her favourite, curling up with a good book!
Social Media links:
Website: https://www.nicolamarsh.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicolaMarsh
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NicolaMarshAuthor/




#Blogtober2020 Day 28: Picture of You

Photos are so important to remember people, special occasions, the ordinary days. They are a link to the past, shared memories and a record for the future.
We won a photo shoot over the summer and I used it as an excuse to get the kids together for a joint school photo to celebrate the only year they will all be in primary school. As you can see, Zach’s cooperation didn’t last long!

I absolutely love looking at old photos from my childhood. Seeing us all grow up and grow older as well as those that we have sadly lost in the intervening years.
It is so much easier in these days of digital cameras and phones. We now capture much more of the ordinary moments that make life special.

I enjoy taking part in #Project365 (this year 366 days) and looking back at the end of the year to see what big and small things have happened.
I hope my kids love to look back at my photos when they are older, sparking memories and making them smile.


Casdon Supermarket cash register review

*We were gifted this toy for the purpose of this review

Role play is such an important way for children to learn about the world. Shopping and money are a crucial part of life as well as fun! We were sent the Casdon supermarket cash register to play with and the kids loved it.

The set comes with stickers to apply before playing. This includes labels for the food items as well as on the cash register. I would advise that an adult place the stickers as some of them were a little tricky. There are coins, notes and credit cards to replicate reality.

The cash register needs 3 AA batteries which are not included. This allows the scanner to beep and the cash register to act as a calculator to add up the prices of the goods selected.

Anya and Zach loved playing shops together. The set complements speech and language learning as well as Maths but is also just a great way to have fun.

The Casdon supermarket cash register set is suitable for children aged 3+ and is available from Amazon and other retailers.

#Blogtober2020 Day 27: Greatest Day

What would make the greatest day? Well, obviously my wedding day and the births of my children were pretty fab but it is important to enjoy the ordinary days too!
Thinking of the things I love Truly Madly Deeply, my greatest day would involve a day out with family. Some chips for lunch. An evening relaxing with a book or my cross stitch while eating crisps with a glass of wine.

We have lots of fun at home and in the garden too. Basically any day where we have fun together but also relax and enjoy each other’s company. Plus then some me time 🙂


I asked the kids what would be their greatest day (Anya’s was a surprise! I think the boys’ days are more likely to happen…):
Matthew: getting new computer games
Anya: go on a plane to Hawaii
Zach: go to a friend’s house

Ruthless Girl, by Emma Tallon


Ruthless Girl book cover

Secrets and lies threaten the Tyler gang. Anna has killed Russian gang leader Aleksei but not told her lover Freddie Tyler in order to protect her friends. Freddie is anxiously searching for Aleksei when his widow Sophia arrives offering a deal he can’t refuse. Meanwhile Jim is released from prison with secrets from the past that could destroy the Tyler dynasty…
Events from the previous book set the scene for Ruthless Girl and I would recommend that you read the books in order (see my review of Fearless Girl). This is apparently the final book in the Tyler series but I’m hoping there will be more!
I was absolutely captivated by Ruthless Girl in just the same way as the previous book. The plot has plenty of twists and turns and the action doesn’t let up for a moment. We see the perspective of the Tylers as well as their enemies so this builds tension and anticipation as we wait for events to unfold.
There is violence and murder but it suits the genre. The characters accept their flaws and acknowledge their likely fate whilst being fiercely defensive of their own code of conduct to protect their innocent relatives. The emotional connection between the characters and their devoted loyalty to each other raises the quality of this book even higher.
Halfway through there is a mention of an author and book from the Bookouture family that I have reviewed and I loved this little touch!
Ruthless Girl had me hooked all the way through: evreything works so well together (the plot, the characters, the pace, the style of writing) LOVED it 🙂

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Title:                   Ruthless Girl
Author:     Emma Tallon
Amazon Universal Link:      https://geni.us/B08F2P1RJSSocial
PUBLICATION DAY: October 29th 2020
Fans of Kimberley Chambers’ Queenie and Martina Cole will love this unputdownable crime thriller from bestselling crime author Emma Tallon.
Sometimes revenge is the only option.
Anna Davies is young, smart and successful, plus she’s the head of one of London’s biggest crime networks. She’s seen off her abusive ex-boyfriend and cut her teeth managing clubs around London’s West End. But nothing could have prepared her for what’s around the corner…
Beautiful, rich and powerful, Sophia Ivanov has been sniffing around Anna’s business empire and she’s got only one thing on her mind – revenge. She’s convinced Anna and her gangster boyfriend, Freddie Tyler, killed her Russian crime boss husband, Alexis, and she’s determined to make them pay.
When Sophia turns up at their club one night, it’s clear she’s not there for a friendly visit and tensions begin to flare. Anna knows Sophia is a danger to their business, but she doesn’t realise how much until Freddie finds himself in unthinkable danger. Can Anna and Freddie get rid of Sophia once and for all… and what will be left when the fighting stops?
author Emma Tallon
Author Bio:
Emma Tallon is a British author of gripping, gritty, organised crime thrillers and mother of two. Having started her writing career as a freelance ghostwriter, Emma finished her first novel, Runaway Girl, in 2016, and became an author full time. Since then she has written several other novels for her publisher and has carved out a successful career for herself from her home in Milton Keynes, where she can usually be found typing away in her office surrounded by large stacks of books and Post-it Notes full of ideas for future stories.
Author Social Media Links: