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The Dead of Winter, by Jean Rabe

Less than an hour after her election as sheriff, Piper Blackwell has a frozen corpse as her first case. Conrad Delaney has been artfully arranged on the Christmas display at the front of his house and no one had noticed he’d been there for days. Shortly afterwards another local victim is found, also displayed like the cover of a Christmas card with a festive mug at the scene. Piper discovers the culprit purchased 11 cups: does that mean 11 victims…?
Piper has personal issues as her father, the previous sheriff, has cancer. She has returned from the army to care for him and uses her knowledge from the military police to tackle her first civilian case. She has a tough act to follow and her new colleagues are not happy at the prospect of a young and inexperienced woman being in charge.
The third person narrative used inThe Dead of Winter allows us to see the police characters as well as the Christmas Card Killer perspectives. Piper develops in confidence over the course of the book and she is a likeable lead especially in the face of the resentment at work and the sadness in her private life.
There is some forensic detail alongside the police procedure, investigation and interrogations. This is a little stomach churning but delivered factually so is not overly unpleasant. However, the victims all seem like nice people which makes the revulsion at their murders more intense.
The small town setting and the Christmas elements of the book make it feel believable and realistic although I admit that the motive of the killer felt slightly extreme. The humanity and natural emotional instincts of the characters is really well written so that readers can identify with their actions.
I look forward to seeing how Piper moves forward from the dramatic climax of The Dead of Winter and will be reviewing the next in the series later this week…

The Dead of Winter book cover

The Dead of Winter book blurb
In a deceptively peaceful county, a murderer hides in plain sight…
Fifty-eight minutes into her first day on the job, twenty-three-year-old Sheriff Piper Blackwell is faced with a grisly murder—the victim artfully posed amid decorations on his lawn. Drawing on former military training, Piper must prove herself worthy of the sheriff’s badge, and that won’t be easy.
Chief Deputy Oren Rosenberg, Piper’s opponent in the recent election, doesn’t like her and wants her to fail. She doesn’t like him either, but she needs Oren to help catch the killer before another victim is discovered. Too late!
As Piper leads the manhunt, another crisis hits close to home. Her father, the previous sheriff, is fighting for his life, and she is torn between family and duty. Facing personal and professional threats, Piper has to weather a raging storm, keep the sheriff’s department from crumbling around her, and reel in a killer during the most brutal winter sleepy Spencer County, Indiana, has experienced.

author Jean Rabe

About the author
USA TODAY Bestselling author Jean Rabe tosses tennis balls to her cadre of dogs when she isn’t writing. She has three dozen novels and about a hundred short stories to her credit. Jean lives in a tiny town surrounded by railroad tracks, the trains providing music to type by. She loves role playing games, board games, card games, visiting museums, playing fantasy football, watching football games, and loves dogs.


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Safe, by Jane Adams


Safe book cover

Crikey, what a captivating book! I was absolutely spellbound by every page.
Seventeen year old Lauren Sykes, daughter of notorious crime boss Kyle, goes on the run after she shoots Charlie Perrin, the son of another crime organisation leader. Now both families are hunting for her to let honour be satisfied.
She turns to her father’s former employee Harry but when their safe house is found, Harry sacrifices himself to let Lauren escape. She is able to call the number that Harry gave her and is picked up by an undercover cop whose own life in now in danger. Meanwhile DI Toby Clarke believes there is a cover up going on and that the crime groups have infiltrated the police itself.
The danger that Lauren and those protecting her are facing feels very real and this drama and tension is maintained through the whole book. There is violence and brutality but it is in no way gratuitous or excessive and fits in with the plot, tone and style of the book.
I enjoyed the different characters and viewpoints shown through the third person narrative. Our sympathies and fear are with Lauren throughout the book but I found myself gripped with anticipation worrying about those helping her particularly Harry and Pat/Petra.
I think the family dynamic and organised crime gangs were chillingly good and believable whilst the characters were well written. The moral issue of Pat being undercover was interesting and Toby was a man first and a cop second, doing what is right rather than what is good.
Overall, Safe was an excellent read and I believe it is the beginning of a new series so I look forward to more!
I have previously reviewed The Liar, Their Final Moments, The Secrets by Jane Adams.

Safe book tour banner


SAFE by Jane Adams
All her life, all Lauren Sykes wanted to be is safe.
Her father murdered her mother and gets away with it. He tries to force Lauren into marriage with vicious criminal Charlie Perrin. But then Lauren kills him. Now she’s on the run.
It was self-defence. Perrin had tried to force himself on her. But the details don’t matter. Now she has two criminal families, the Sykeses and the Perrins, are after her. They will kill her for defying them.
The one person Lauren trusts is killed by her father’s men. Now her only hope is undercover cop Petra Merrow. Lauren has no choice but to trust her. It’s that or die.
Even the police can’t trust each other. A corrupt cop threatens them both. Merrow’s cover is blown. She calls on DI Toby Clarke to help protect them. But can he be trusted?
Perfect for fans of C.L. Taylor, Clair McGowen, Rachel Abbott, Patricia Gibney and Mark Billingham.

author Jane Adams

“I am the author of more than thirty published crime novels. The first, The Greenway, was nominated for both the Authors’ club award and the CWA John Creasey for best debut novel.
I’m constantly amazed at where life has taken me. Writing had never been on my ‘possible careers’ list, but once stories take root in your brain, they just have to be told – and I feel very fortunate that people want to read them.
In addition to writing I teach creative writing, read and mentor for The Literary Consultancy, am a Royal Literary Fund Fellow and FRSA.”
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jane.adams.16547
Twitter: @janeadamsauthor


Couch to 5k: week one

I am officially crazy. Joe Wicks has got me with the fitness bug. Lockdown fever is to blame! Usually I walk an hour a day on the school runs but for three whole months I have been mostly stuck at home with only a couple of leisurely walks a week.

The upshot is, I decided to run. Now, I haven’t run since school and I hated it then. Spot a problem with this plan yet?
My asthma is another problem. At the start of lockdown, my lungs decided to go a bit bonkers and I needed to get an inhaler for the first time in 20 years.

So the first run. Preparation: I had spent £100 on running clobber to get me properly equpped. New trainers, leggings, sports bra and tops, and a running belt to store my keys and phone.
The evening came. Thunder, rain. Determination.

The first run begins with a brisk 5 minute walk then 60 seconds of running on repeat for 20 minutes and then 5 minutes of walking to warm down.
I overdid it, thought my lungs would burst and my asthma would force me home. I was so relieved that there were few other idiots out to witness me struggling to breathe. But I pushed through. I did it! I pulled something in my right hip near the end but I did it!

I felt so proud of myself as I finished the 5 minute warm down walk and arrived back home. Sarah Millican, my instructor, told me I had run for 8 minutes. EIGHT poxy minutes! It didn’t feel like much. But that it 8 minutes more than any time in the last 20 years.
Later that evening the aches started and the next morning I was stumbling and lurching around as my legs failed to work!

The following two runs were completed in much the same way except I did them early in the morning, voluntarily waking up before 6am!
I am soooooo proud of myself, exhausted but also kind of jumping around with happiness.


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