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Hidden Secrets at the Little Village Church, by Tracy Rees


Hidden Secrets at the Little Village Church book cover

The Hopley village church is in desperate need of a new roof. Reverend Fairfield begs for volunteers to help search the visitor book for donors. He is disappointed when cripplingly shy Gwen and art school drop out Jarvis are the only volunteers. Yet they surprise him with their dedication and the friendship that develops between them…
Hidden Secrets at the Little Village Church is a stand alone novel about friendship and fresh starts. There is a tinge of sadness but the overcoming of wasted opportunities swells the book with hope and warmth.
Gwen has had a pretty hard few years. Her parents died and she is living with her joyless aunt Mary. Meanwhile Jarvis is the black sheep of his family, dejected after dropping out of art school, working in a job he hates. They surprise themselves when they offer to help the vicar but soon become captivated by the stories of hope that radiate from the visitors’ book.
The book is written from three third person perspectives: Gwen, Jarvis and Vicar Dave. This allows us to see their viewpoint but separates us from the emotion a little. It also allows us to see how they view the other characters, often with a clarity and kindness that they do not allow themselves.
Gwen and Jarvis are delightful lead characters, flawed but weighed down by circumstances and the opinions of others. Over the course of the book, they flourish into the people they truly are, and there is an important message for readers about staying true to yourself.
There is a lovely warmth to the plot and the writing that makes this book feel extra special. The developing friendship between Gwen and Jarvis, as well as their self discoveries and increasing confidence is lovely to read. There are also the mini stories of the visitors who signed the book, and many of them are emotional.
Hidden Secrets at the Little Village Church is an uplifting and heart warming book, and I look forward to finding other books from this author.


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Book Description:
‘This may just have saved my life…’ The hurried scribble in the dusty church visitors’ book catches Gwen’s eye. Just like that, she is drawn into a mystery at the heart of the pretty village of Hopley, but nothing is what is seems…
When tragedy strikes, twenty-six-year-old Gwen Stanley finds herself suddenly jobless and heartbroken. With nowhere to turn, she retreats to Hopley, a crumbling little village deep in the heart of the English countryside. Wandering the winding lanes and daydreaming about what could have been, Gwen feels lost for the first time in her life.
Until one day she pushes through the creaking doors of a tiny stone church at the edge of the village, empty and forgotten by nearly everyone. There she stumbles on a book full of local secrets and is instantly drawn into the mystery of who could have left them there, and why.
When she’s unexpectedly joined by handsome local artist Jarvis, Gwen is caught off-guard. He seems just as fascinated by what’s in the book as she is… but why? Can she trust Jarvis’s motives really are what he says they are? And are the butterfly flutters she feels whenever they’re together because she’s one step closer to learning the book’s secrets… or might the little village church actually hold the key to healing Gwen’s poor, trampled heart?
An utterly unputdownable story – pure joy from the first page to the last. Perfect for fans of Jenny Colgan, Lucy Diamond and Heidi Swain, and anybody longing for the ultimate feel-good escapist read!
author Tracy Rees
Author Bio:
Tracy Rees was the winner of the Richard and Judy ‘Search for a Bestseller’ Competition and her books are paperback, ebook and audio bestsellers. A Cambridge graduate, she had a successful eight-year career in nonfiction publishing and a second career practising and teaching humanistic counselling before becoming a writer. She lives in Wales.
Buy Links:
Amazon: https://bit.ly/3e0dKI8
Apple: https://apple.co/3mQpbVJ
Kobo: https://bit.ly/3gdWq42
Google: https://bit.ly/3e17ezP



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A Body At The Tea Rooms, by Dee MacDonald

A Body At The Tea Rooms book cover


Nurse and amateur sleuth Kate Palmer returns from holiday to find her sister’s business plans in tatters following the discovery of a body in the premises. Kate can’t resist another mystery to investigate even though it exasperates her lover, former police officer Woody Forrest.
A Body At The Tea Rooms is the third book to feature Kate Palmer as she adjusts to life in Cornwall with her sister Angie (who is rather keen on gin) and a developing relationship with Woody.
Angie’s latest project is renovating some tea rooms with her feckless boyfriend Fergal. They find a skeleton behind a wall and initially hope it is a centuries old smuggler but then find it is only about 20 years old. Kate is convinced that the locals must know the identity and the DNA links the victim to a rich landowner. She embarks on a mission to trump the unhelpful police by uncovering the victim’s name and his killer.
The plot develops at a medium pace as Kate collects evidence through speaking to a range of characters who were around 20 years earlier. There is a big twist and I did guess it but this made me feel proud of my own intuition rather than spoiling my enjoyment. The ending was quite dramatic but was in keeping with the tone of the rest of the book.
I think this was actually my favourite of the books so far. Angie has a purpose so is drinking less which makes her more likeable. Kate is naturally gregarious and gets on well with people, using her career as a nurse to chat to people without appearing nosy. Her inquisitiveness works well with her calming and caring demeanour to get others to reveal information. Her relationship with Woody continues to develop although he is frustrated by her involvement in another mystery.
A Body At The Tea Rooms is quite a traditional English murder mystery. The focus of the book is on the investigation and motives, with very little forensic detail. I would love to see this series televised!
I have previously reviewed the first two books in the Kate Palmer series: A Body In The Village Hall and A Body In Seaview Grange.


A Body At The Tea Rooms blog tour banner

A Body At The Tea Rooms book description:
Meet Kate Palmer! A semi-retired nurse with a sweet tooth for cake and a talent for solving crimes.
Kate Palmer is most disappointed when renovations at her sister Angie’s new tea rooms are derailed after a body is discovered in the cellar. She was looking forward to clotted cream teas with a seaside view. Instead she has another murder mystery to solve…
If the village gossip is to be believed, the unfortunate man was connected to the wealthy Hedgefield family. Kate is reluctant to get caught up in the investigation but a curious card in the victim’s jacket pocket sparks her interest. Not to mention the ridiculous rumour Angie is somehow involved! Keen to clear her sister’s name so she can finally eat cake in the charming tea rooms, Kate teams up with handsome retired Detective ‘Woody’ Forrest to untangle the baffling case.
After quizzing the locals over copious cups of tea, Kate begins to realise the Hedgefields, who live in a grand mansion and own half the village, are not as perfect as they make out. They’re hiding a long-buried family secret and plenty of people have a grudge against them, including a number of their ex-employees.
But who could have murdered a member of Lower Tinworthy’s most enviable family? Was it the old gardener? The seemingly sweet cook? Or the bitter maid?
Just as she inches closer to the truth, Angie goes missing. Does amateur sleuth Kate have what it takes to get to the bottom of this extraordinary puzzle and save her sister at the same time?
If you love murder mysteries with a brilliant cast of characters, twisty plots and plenty of cake, A Body at the Tea Rooms will have you hooked until the very last page! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, Faith Martin and Joy Ellis.
author Dee MacDonald
Author Bio:
Aged 18, Dee arrived in London from Scotland and typed her way round the West End for a couple of years before joining BOAC (forerunner of British Airways) in Passenger Services for 2 years and then as a stewardess for 8 years.
She has worked in Market Research, Sales and at the Thames TV Studios when they had the franchise.
Dee has since relocated to Cornwall, where she spent 10 years running B&Bs, and only began writing when she was over 70!
Married twice, she has one son and two grandsons.
Buy Link:



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Little Boy Lost, by Ruhi Choudhary

Little Boy Lost book cover

TRIGGER WARNING : this book contains child murder
Three boys disappear on a school trip. One boy is found dead shortly afterwards with a warning that the other boys will die too if Johnny’s killer isn’t found. Except Johnny’s killer was convicted serial killer and has been in prison for the last eight years. Has there been a mistake and can Mad Mack find the two boys alive…?
Little Boy Lost is the third book to feature Mackenzie Price. There are no spoilers about the previous cases. However, the tangled personal experiences of Mack have evolved over the series so I think it would be beneficial to read the books in order to see the progression of her circumstances develop.
The disappearance of three children is highly emotive and when the first body is discovered, the book takes an upsetting direction. The author does not shy away from the forensic detail nor the devastation of the parents. The tension for the police team and the other frantic parents feels authentic, and as a mum myself it was difficult but compelling to read.
Mack and her partner Nick have the difficult task of investigating the current case as well as looking at the apparently solved case of Johnny’s murder. Nick feels intensely guilty as he was in charge of the case so believes he is responsible for the actions of the killer. Meanwhile Mack is a little distracted by the complications in her family life and the recent murder of her father.
Little Boy Lost is an upsetting but captivating novel with a strong plot, plenty of action, and a wonderfully complex lead detective. I have previously reviewed the first two books in the series: Hidden Lake and Their Frozen Graves.

Little Boy Lost blog tour banner

Author:  Ruhi Choudhary
Amazon: https://geni.us/B08SHMWGFMCover
Apple: http://ow.ly/x5mx50D65dU
Kobo: http://ow.ly/1h2p50D65bK
Google: http://ow.ly/YMIt50D65gu
The clear sky burst into flames of peach and gold, illuminating the small body leaning against the rocks. He looked even smaller than he had in the photos, purple marks blemishing his neck. His eyes were open, staring ahead at the vastness of the still water.
When three nine-year-old boys go missing on a field trip to Lakemore’s annual spring festival, panic tears through the small town. Detective Mackenzie Price and her partner Nick Blackwood lead the search, but no trace of the boys is found—until one of them is found murdered, a note stuffed down his throat.
“Find Johnny’s killer, or they all die.”
Johnny was supposedly a victim of Jeremiah, a serial killer Nick helped put behind bars nearly a decade ago for the murder of ten young boys. But when Mack and Nick pay him a visit, he claims that he knows nothing—and that he remains innocent of Johnny’s murder.
Then a second boy is found, another clue left on his body, leaving just one left alive. Desperate to save the last boy’s life, Mackenzie and Nick comb over Jeremiah’s case, only to discover proof of a shocking cover-up—and a killer who will stop at nothing to right the wrongs of the past.
Packed full of shocking twists and nail-biting suspense, Little Boy Lost is a truly unputdownable crime thriller, perfect for fans of Karin Slaughter, Lisa Regan and Angela Marsons.

 author Ruhi Choudhary

Author Bio:
Ruhi Choudhary discovered her passion for writing when she was seven years old and wrote her first Star Trek episode. Being a fan of the dark and twisted, she found her calling in crime thriller.
She likes to write stories that make you a little uncomfortable and characters that you struggle to make up your mind about but stay with you.
She lives in Toronto and spends her days training to be a scientist and wishing it rained more often!
Author Social Media Links:
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/RuhiSChoudhary