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Project366 2020

#Project366 2020 week 7

Day 40: the storm may be lashing the outside world but calm had descended indoors with some painting.   Day 41: that Monday morning feeling. I woke up and went to the loo, and came back to find these two had hijacked the bed when I returned! Day 42: job number 6 underway. I am […]

#Project366 2020 week 6

Day 33: special treat just for me, it even has my name on it! Very happy to be sent this giant Love Heart tube and also a vegan hamper from Swizzels Day 34: verrrrrry tired. Zach has a cough so sleepless nights are back with a vengeance. Zach is not sympathetic and keeps saying ‘why […]

#Project366 2020 week 5

Day 26: a trip to my sister’s and my crew were introduced to the Nintendo Labo Day 27: Zach and I were a little bit scared when hail came down our chimney! Day 28: shadow puppets! Quick and simple entertainment 🙂 Day 29: Anya loves experimenting with hairstyles and I am her reluctant guinea pig! […]

#Project366 2020 week 4

Day 19: the biggest potato I’ve ever seen! Made fantastic roasties 😀 Day 20: ooh it’s chilly (but such a relief that the rain has stopped!) Day 21: a little bit of ice artistry on the side of my car before school Day 22: I went to two meetings over the previous two nights so […]

#Project366 2020 week 3

Day 12: bedtime on Sunday, all set for a new week but Zach will only agree to brush his teeth when sat on my shoulders   Day 13: Tesco have new trolleys so a took Zach for a spin. Day 14: Matt was talking about Nintendo DS and I revealed that I owned one and […]