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Project52 2024

#Project52 2024 week 25

Final full week of GCSE and A Level exams, just a couple of smaller ones left next week. The relentless job of meal planning was made slightly better by Matthew making fishcakes at school. It brings back memories of when I handmade lots of things for my babies and then gave up and bought supermarket […]

#Project52 2024 week 24

Well it has been another manic week! I have been leaving the house before 7.30 for cat feeding and then invigilating exams until gone 4 each day. I feel like I have hardly been home 🙁 but at least I have been greeted by some rosy blooms to cheer me up! The weekend was not […]

#Project52 2024 week 23

Half term! Sadly it didn’t start too well and, as anticipated in last week’s post, poor Phyllis had to be put to sleep. We cancelled our trip to the Natural HIstory Museum as we were all feeling so low. But we rallied to celebrate Matthew’s 14th birthday with Clip and Climb with his siblings and […]

#Project52 2024 week 22

Although it has been quite a short half term, it has been so busy and we’re all exhausted! All of us were counting down to 3pm on Friday, ready for a week off. I’ve been invigilating every day as well as 3 governors meetings and the Scouts’ AGM where I was re-elected as Secretary. The […]

#Project365 2024 week 21

I don’t worry too much about Friday 13th. It’s MONDAY 13th you have to worry about! And the week didn’t start well with me finding a mobile phone poking out of a student’s pocket during an exam. And it was switched on. Malpractice for them, guilt and despair for me as all of their qualifications […]