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Wednesday 30th November: a quick little grump

It’s my half birthday! No one is excited because tomorrow is December and therefore Christmas month which is obviously much more important (although Matthew’s half birthday was considered important yesterday, but then he is 6. Oh, and a half now 🙂 ) Yesterday was mega pants. The kids conspired to make every second as awkward […]


It is a little sad that I spend most of my time stopping my children doing things. I remind myself that it is for their own good and the good of humanity in general but that doesn’t stop me feeling like the Fun Police 🙁 I see no reason why Matthew should carry large construction […]

60099 Lego advent calendar (2015)

One month until Christmas (eek!) so I decided to look back at the advent calendar I shared with Matthew and Anya last December 🙂 Let me know what you think of the builds: which day was your favourite? Do you hope to get a Lego advent calendar this year?

Some exam advice for my children’s future reference!

Hi kids This is Mum speaking from 2016. I have just invigilated a 2 hour exam and have some advice for you. BRING A PEN! Please do not be the cocky little sod that sits there for the whole time and refuses to write a single word. You aren’t being clever, there won’t be any […]