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A quiet meal at Slug and Lettuce, Portsmouth

  Whilst waiting for my night out at the Mary Rose Museum’s new experience, I enjoyed the sights of Portsmouth, ending in a solo meal out. I had already planned to visit the Slug and Lettuce as I have had previous positive experiences. I had identified 3 dishes that I wanted to try. When I […]

Super Mario Bros movie review

Super Mario Bros is a huge passion in our house. The kids were thrilled when they heard a film of the game was coming out. I wasn’t overly excited about going to see the film but wanted to make the kids happy. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the film! Mario and […]

A disastrous date at Rackstraws Beefeater

It is 8 and a half years since Chris and I had our first date and nearly 5 years since we got married. Both of these major events involved Rackstraws in Sandhurst. So we decided to revisit our happy memories with a meal out and a lingering snog in the car park 😀 Lunch didn’t […]

Embrace the sensory Christmas spirit with The Lost Wish and Elfland

*I was given a selection of goodies at a blogging conference but there was no expectation for me to post on my blog Kindness and creativity. Wellness and wishes. Christmas is on its way! At Blog On last month I was fortunate to meet the Elfland team and receive some goodies to ramp up the […]

Skybeam electric guitar from Franklyn Guitars

Hello, this is Chris. I’m Laura’s husband and I’m hijacking her blog to share this, thank you for reading 🙂 The Skybeam is a new model of electric guitar from Franklyn Guitars. So named as a cheeky nod to the style of guitar it hopes to improve upon. Modelled on a traditional Stratocaster style with […]