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Super Mario Bros movie review

Super Mario Bros is a huge passion in our house. The kids were thrilled when they heard a film of the game was coming out. I wasn’t overly excited about going to see the film but wanted to make the kids happy. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the film!
Mario and Luigi are trying to set up their own business in New York. Things aren’t going great and they need something big to make them famous. When a water main breaks in a catastophic way, they see their chance and head into the sewers to fix the problem. Instead, they get sent through pipes to another realm and are separated. Mario lands in Mushroom Kingdom while Luigi finds himself at the mercy of the despicable Bowser who wants to conquer every kingdom and win the love of Princess Peach. Can the brothers reunite and save their world and others…?

The film has met with negative reviews from critics but I enjoyed it. The kids loved it, and that’s the important thing to remember: this is a children’s film. It has enough nods to the game for adults and there were 80s tunes at various points. There were some laugh out loud moments (the guy sat next to me laughted A LOT!) and good scenes that derive from the game (for example, Mario versus Donkey Kong, Mario trying to complete a level)
The film is rated a PG. It is 1 hour and 32 minutes and there is a scene during and at the end of the credits so stay until the end!
I’ll end this post with the children’s ratings and favourite parts of the film:
Matthew 8.5/10 Rainbow Road race
Zach 10.5/10 Mario eating a mini mushroom
Anya 9/10 Princess Peach wedding ice powers


  1. My girls went to see it last week and loved it. They’ve been singing the peaches song ever since. lol I saw on TikTok about the scene during the end credits. They missed it because they left as soon as the film finished. Oops.

  2. So good to hear you all loved the movie. We really want to see this. I think if you play Mario your more likely to catch all the insider jokes and nods to the game – making it much more fun to watch. Can’t wait to see the rainbow road race 😉 #DreamTeam xx

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