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Bargain hunter: Timotei at Lloyds Pharmacy for 50p

Now I love hunting for bargains, and my local Lloyds Pharmacy usually has a couple of fab products on offer but you have to keep your eyes peeled. This week I was in to collect my prescription and took a look at the shelves. Timotei Pure for 50p?! Surely not! But yes, they had shampoo, […]

This month we have loved…READING!

Reading is a crucial part of our night time routine and always has been. Each night each child chooses a book, soon Zach will get a turn too! This month Anya’s favourite book has been Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees. We heard read it EVERY night! The message in the book […]

Are 3 kids ever easier than 1? The school run example

I was chatting to a mum of one the other day and she couldn’t understand how I get 3 children ready to go out in the morning as she struggles with her one. No secret. Just a timetable and a routine. The kids know that if they want time to play before school then they […]

What happened on Mother’s Day? (Monday 27th March)

I wrote a list of 5 things I wanted on Mother’s Day: So…what do I want for Mother’s Day? . Did I get my wish? Well, no actually. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I had a lovely day. First of all I didn’t have a lie in. The clocks changed so I […]