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Sensory craft for autumn: shape and colour wheel

With autumn now well established and the majority of the trees finally losing their leaves, I took the children out to explore the shapes, sounds, colours and textures of the season. There is something ever so satisfying about stomping through rustling crunchy leaves. We seem to have had little rain this autumn so they have […]

Top tips for home learning: nobody’s perfect

So we are back to home learning. This time the schools have prepared more work because remote learning plans needed to be in place. But as a teaching assistant in an infant school, we were not expecting last week’s Prime Minister statement. We were in school on Monday and instead of being able to plan […]

Home learning week 13

13 unlucky for some? Not too bad for us as we got out and about working on geography based activities from Anya’s school. Little bit devastated that PE with Joe is scaling back from next week but so grateful for the daily workouts that Joe has provided for 13 whole weeks. We are going to […]

Home learning week 12

Our twelfth week of learning at home! The government have now announced that there will be no further opening of schools until September so it looks like we will keep going! Not sure what to do about the summer ‘holiday’ weeks… This week Matthew’s school wanted a project on castles so I extended it a […]

Home learning weeks 10 and 11

Week 10 was technically half term but I had a cunning plan! To earn an extra half an hour on their screens, the children has to complete a history lesson from the Oak National Academy! Week 11 was back to ‘normal’ home learning again except that I didn’t pick a project this week as I […]