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Cooking Fever Duels game review

My latest gaming venture has begun! I have playec Cooking Fever almost every day for over 15 years and it is one of my favourite games. Cooking Fever Duels has been around for a while but I was only recently tempted to download it.

The aim of the game is the same as the original: to serve customers their food and drink orders as quickly as possible to earn coins and XP. The extra dimension is the competitive aspect where you have to be quicker than your opponent.

The levels are the same as the main game and you begin with the Fast Food Court making burgers and hotdogs. As you earn tokens and coins, you can upgrade ingredients and appliances to increase your chance of winning.

At first I found the game quite frustrating as I seemed to always lose. Upgrades really improve the play experience. I really don’t like the boosters as you have no idea if your opponent is using them until the end screen. You think you are doing awfully due to your playing not the opponent having an advantage!
I have noticed that I always win against AI components and that cerain times of day I’m more likely to play these than ‘real’ people. It helps to build up XP but the satisfaction isn’t so high.
Will I keep playing? Yes, but I’m not as avid a player as I am on the original which has many more levels and restaurants. Would I recommend the game? Yes, especially if you enjoy the challenge of real life and real time opponents.
Have you played Cooking Fever Duels? What do you enjoy best?

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  1. Ohh! This is new to me!
    I love Cooking fever and have been playing for years. I play it on my laptop now instead of just my phone. I will have to give this Duels game a try.

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