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The Girl Before Me, by Laura Wolfe

Rachel and her daughter Lily move to the city to get away from her abusive husband Keith. She quickly settles into the apartment but can’t help wondering what happened to the previous tenant who disappeared… The Girl Before Me is a psychological thriller set in Chicago, America. The book starts with Annie feeling threatened and […]

A Body on the Beach, by Dee MacDonald

Kate Palmer is manning the first aid tent at the local fair when Sienna Stone flounces in. Kate is angry about Sienna crashing into her car and quickly sends her away. But within hours, Kate discovers Sienna’s body on the beach after being pushed off the cliffs, and finds herself the prime suspect… A Body […]

#Project365 2022 week 17

Day 113: a fun day with the Scouts (of which I am secretary of the executive committee) Day 114: last day of the Easter holidays and getting in some reading practice with his new book that we were kindly sent: What Makes A Lemur Listen? Day 115: Chris went to Loughborough for work and stayed […]

The Housemaid by Freida McFadden

Millie is fresh out of prison and living in her car. She urgently needs a job and somewhere to live but is genuinely shocked when she is hired to be a live in housekeper. But her new job has a sinister edge. The lady of the house Nina is unpredictable and Millie lives in a […]

The Perfect Holiday, by T.J. Emerson

Julian and his wife Olivia are on holiday to celebrate their birthdays when they bump into Gabriel. It soon becomes clear that Julian and Gabriel have met previously and Julian is definitely not keen on revisiting the past… The Perfect Holiday is a psychological thriller set in Spain and the UK. The book is written […]