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Code Name Elodie, by Anna Stuart

1943: Frances, Stefania and Ailsa are still working at Bletchley Park to aid in the war effort. Each of them has special talents and they are anxious work hard, unrestrained by traditional gender boundaries. Can friendship and love endure the horrors of war? Code Name Elodie is the second book in this WW2 series which […]

The Accidental Inheritance, by Cate Woods

American Cassidy Beeswhistle loses her job so takes a chance and buys a pub in England. Her ancestors came from the village but lost their fortune due to gambling. She is horrified when she arrives to find the pub in a hideously run down condition. Can she fulfil her dream? The Accidental Inheritance is a […]

The Lake, by Kevin Lynch

Debbie’s son died in a tragic drowning and she has been terrified of water ever since. But she can’t turn down this vacation by a lake as it may impact her husband’s work. A sinister figure on the lakeside, complex social relationships and an undercurrent of unease culminate in a death… The Lake is a […]

#DreamTeam blog linky 36

Spring is here and we have 2 new members of the family: guinea pigs! How are you all?  Thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeam linky. We want bloggers and instagrammers to interact and support each other but please double check the rules. The #DreamTeam linky is open to bloggers and Instagrammers from all […]

Hidden, by Shalini Boland

1880s, Alexandre Chevalier travels abroad on an archaeological adventure looking for a lost underground city. He finds a secret he never expected… Present day, Madison Greene has been brought up in care with her brother. She is shocked on her 17th birthday to be visited by a lawyer who tells her she has inherited a […]