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Every Little Lie, by Lesley Sanderson

Anna seems to have the perfect life: a loving husband and gorgeous daughter, many friends in her local community. But she has been keeping secrets. And so has her husband… Every Little Lie is a psychological thriller based around a couple’s secrets which threaten to destroy their family. I have previously reviewed other books by […]

#Project365 2021 week 43

Day 298: finally time to catch up with Joe Wicks and Duggee!   Day 299: reconnecting with nature and spending time with my parents Day 300: a little bit of history as Matthew wanted to see my Year 7 report. I feel so sorry for my PE teacher who had 5 years of miserable me! […]

The Bookseller of Dachau, by Shari J. Ryan

German teenager Matilda falls in love with Hans. But their love is forbidden. He is a Jew and the Nazi regime is preparing for genocide. Tilly hides Hans in her attic space but the pair live in constant fear of discovery… The Bookseller of Dachau is a dual timeline book set in Germany under Nazi […]

The Score, by Kerry Kaya

Fletch is released from prison and is shocked to find the situation at home. His son is embroiled in drugs and gangs. His daughter is married to a gang boss and runs a strip club. Their mother is a drug addict and barely recognisable. Can he take control of his family again…? The Score is […]

5 reasons why…my kids drive me crazy!

The title is a LIE! There is only one reason why my kids drive me crazy: their inconsistency! šŸ˜€ Food They eat it from my plate. They state that is definitely what they want for lunch/tea. I serve it to them and they act as though I’m trying to poison them! Clothes Anya wears t […]