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5 reasons why…my kids drive me crazy!

The title is a LIE! There is only one reason why my kids drive me crazy: their inconsistency! 😀
They eat it from my plate. They state that is definitely what they want for lunch/tea. I serve it to them and they act as though I’m trying to poison them!

Anya wears t shirt and shorts in winter and jumpers in summer. She has no sense of temperature. She wears something for 5 minutes and it ends up in the wash whereas Matthew would happily wear the same clothes all week. Zach leaves his clothes all over the house and I have no idea what is clean or not so into the wash it goes!
We are on a day out or even just a walk. The kids celebrate every time we find a bench and collapse onto it. They drag their feet, moan about how tired they are. But what is that over there, in the distance? A huge puddle, an empty field or play park?! All tiredness instantly forgotten and they hare off full of energy!
Almost everyday at bathtime the kids beg for extra time to play. I remind them that they have had all day with their toys but have chosen screentime instead. Apparently this is my fault judging by the scowls. Next day I encourage them to play and they glare at me like I’m insane. Repetition begins again…
Leaving the house
Almost without fail the kids don’t want to leave the house but they also don’t want to return again! Zach in particular whines that he wants to stay home. And then whines that he doesn’t want to come home again, obviously.

Please don’t get me wrong: I know how lucky I am to have the three of them. I am incredibly proud of Matthew, Anya and Zach, and it is a privilege to be driven crazy by them! And just to be clear, I give as good as I get and am super annoying to them in return…

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