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Yep, I’m feeling old! A quarter of a century since A Levels!

I invigilated a mock exam last week and as I wandered up and down the aisles it dawned on me that it has been 25 whole years since I was doing my exams. 25 years! A quarter of a century! I still remember sitting at my desk, the nerves, the adrenaline, the relief. I quite […]

Is my child well enough for school?

With Ofsted making a major push on attendance, the NHS is offering guidance for when children should be sent to school. Obviously there have been lots of fears about Covid in recent years and I think parents are more concerned about sending kids in when they feel under the weather. It is a really difficult […]

Why teens need parental love more than ever

Newborn days are hard. Terrible twos are tough. Primary school is difficult. Teenagers are a whiole other parental minefield. I have been invigilating exams this week and last, and have been reminding myself of how awful I found my own teenage years. the nightmare of friendships, the hormones, the self doubt and even hatred. My […]

Pavement rules, ok?!

Anya is about to start walking to school on her own. I am worried. Crossing the road, cars coming out of driveways etc. But there is another vehicle I am worried about. Bikes. Bikes are classed as a vehicle and can cause severe injury to pedestrians. Rule 64 of the HIghway Code says ‘You MUST NOT […]

Easter fun at Pets At Home

Trying to keep the kids entertained this Easter holidays so I booked three places at the Pets At Home Easter event at our local store in Farnborough. Our session was booked for 1pm and we were told to wait in a quiet area at the back of the store. The children were delighted when they […]