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Soft play success at Run About, Farnborough

I am not a huge fan of soft play. They are often quite dark and dingy places with germs everywhere, packed with other children who have no concept of turn taking or personal space, let alone volume. Run About is completely different. It is brightly lit with natural light from windows down one side and […]

Tips for watching films with children

We have just completed the Marvel film series and have watched many films overs the last few months (yay, lockdown!) It wasn’t a relaxing experience… Here are my top tips for coping with watching films with children: Let them choose the film. Don’t pick a film that you actually want to see or one you […]

Farewell to the 2019-2020 school year

How little we could have imagine back in September 2019 how much life would change just 6 months later. Matthew and Anya said goodbye to their teachers and friends on 20th March 2020 and I expected them back after 6 weeks: that was the expectation amongst staff in the schools I work in. No one […]

Home learning week 13

13 unlucky for some? Not too bad for us as we got out and about working on geography based activities from Anya’s school. Little bit devastated that PE with Joe is scaling back from next week but so grateful for the daily workouts that Joe has provided for 13 whole weeks. We are going to […]

#Project366 2020 week 25

Day 166: VERY important life lesson: making a cuppa! Day 167: Anya’s school work was centred around physical and human geography so we walked around our local area to identify features. Plus we spotted these goslings on the river. Day 168: it has been ages since any of the kids lost any teeth! This one […]