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Top tips for home learning: nobody’s perfect

So we are back to home learning. This time the schools have prepared more work because remote learning plans needed to be oin place. But as a teaching assistant in an infant school, we were not expecting last week’s Prime Minister statement. We were in school on Monday and instead of being able to plan […]

Should schools reopen in January 2021?

Should schools reopen in January? This question was asked in a local group and is one that the nation is eagerly awaiting the answer to! In light of the new variant, the┬áChristmas mixing of households, our struggling NHS, is it ethical to open schools?   Is it ethical to keep them closed when our children […]

The changes for this school year

Back in January I wrote a blog post about Zach starting school. Then Covid hit! Thankfully he was able to start school in a relatively normal way and probably doesn’t appreciate the many differences to how Matthew and Anya first experienced school. Pick up and drop off chats: I am not a big fan of […]

Casdon Supermarket cash register review

*We were gifted this toy for the purpose of this review Role play is such an important way for children to learn about the world. Shopping and money are a crucial part of life as well as fun! We were sent the Casdon supermarket cash register to play with and the kids loved it. The […]

Feed the children so the parents can feed themselves

I am shocked and angry at the arrogant selfish people in Parliament who this week voted AGAINST feeding vulnerable children. Thankfully the communities around the nation are pulling together to donate to food banks and provide hot meals for the children who need them. The usual rhetoric of not having children if you can’t afford […]