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#Blogtober2020 Day 18: Some Might Say

For today’s post I thought I would share some of the funny converstions I’ve had with my kids: After watching the final 3 Star Wars films, Anya asks “Who’s Kylo Ren?” despite over 6 hours in his company, toys and dressing up clothes! Zach has personal space issues. In that I am his personal space […]

Nadiya’s deluxe baking set review

Anyone planning to do any baking for half term? We are! My kids loves helping out in the kitchen so I was thrilled to receive this baking set endorsed by¬† Bake Off winner Nadiya. Anya thought that they were toys for role play so was astonished when I washed them up ready to use for […]

#Blogtober2020 Day 3: Sweet Child O’ Mine

Not just one sweet child but three! And they’re very rarely sweet at the same time! Usually there is one of them playing up while the other two suddenly go on their best behaviour. I seriously have no idea if they plan this in advance, communicate psychically or if it is just coincidence!   So […]

Soft play success at Run About, Farnborough

I am not a huge fan of soft play. They are often quite dark and dingy places with germs everywhere, packed with other children who have no concept of turn taking or personal space, let alone volume. Run About is completely different. It is brightly lit with natural light from windows down one side and […]

Tips for watching films with children

We have just completed the Marvel film series and have watched many films overs the last few months (yay, lockdown!) It wasn’t a relaxing experience… Here are my top tips for coping with watching films with children: Let them choose the film. Don’t pick a film that you actually want to see or one you […]