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#StayClassyMama 57

Hello and welcome to the #StayClassyMama linky. Exciting news: I have just accepted my 5th job and been voted on to the PTA of our infant and junior schools, yay! Time to get even busier… I am sad to announce that #StayClassyMama will be closing at the end of the year unless there is anyone […]

Belly Bashimi game review

  Become the sumo champion with Belly Bashimi! Use the inflatable tum to bash your opponent out of the ring.   The game comes with 2 inflatable bellies with velcro straps, a contest ring, sushi counters and a spinner. The game works best with players of a similar height so that the bellies bounce against […]

My Mother’s Silence, by Lauren Westwood

Skye left her Scottish hom eot follow her dream or being a singer-songwriter. A dream she shared with her twin sister Ginny who is believed to have been swept out to sea weeks before they were due to head off together to audition. Skye has only flashback memories of that night as she suffered a […]

The Wish List of Albie Young, by Ruby Hummingbird

    Maria’s life runs like clockwork, her week structured to get chores done. Her favourite day is Thursday when she meets Albie in a cafe. But one week he doesn’t appear and she discovers the sad truth that he has died. Maria is utterly bereft and loses her sense of purpose. She is astonished […]

Rubiks: stocking fillers and family fun!

The Rubiks Cube is an iconic game from my childhood. This Christmas, a third of parents surveyed have said that Rubiks makes a perfect stocking filler and I agree! Let’s begin with the original and classic 3 x 3 cube. Infuriatingly fascinating for children and adults alike! Who thinks the 2 x 2 cube will […]