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Archive for June 2023

The Flatmate, by Gemma Rogers

Ria has been on sabbatical after the death of her best friend Livvy after an apparent drugs related accident. Now she has run out of money and argued with her mum so is forced to return to her home and job. But she finds a new flatmate who has also taken Livvy’s job. Is Ria […]

Murder in Manhattan, by Verity Bright

After an eventful sailing, including murder and a marriage proposal, Lady Eleanor Swift is safely in New York. Her fiance heads home but she witnesses a hit and run after a society party. Can she convince the police that the death was deliberate? Murder in Manhattan is the 14th book to feature Lady Eleanor Swift […]

The Party on Laurel Street, by Ruth Heald

Twenty five years ago three girls went into the forest for a midnight party. Only two returned. In the present day, Mel moves back to Laurel Street with her husband and new baby but is confronted by the past. What really happened to Erin that night and will she ever be found? The Party on […]

Could I be a convert to audiobooks?

I’ve taken the plunge this week and listened to my first ever audiobook. I honestly have no idea why I have resisted them for so long. I have always been a bookworm, to my parents’ joy but also irritation. As a parent myself now, I know just how dull it can be to read the […]

The Diary from the Cottage by the Loch, by Kennedy Kerr

Carrie is devastated and guilt-ridden by the death of her sister. She escapes to a holiday home in Scotland, close to where she spent her childhood. Can the welcoming community help to heal her heart? The Diary from the Cottage by the Loch is a warm and emotional book about moving on from grief. It […]