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Could I be a convert to audiobooks?

I’ve taken the plunge this week and listened to my first ever audiobook. I honestly have no idea why I have resisted them for so long.
I have always been a bookworm, to my parents’ joy but also irritation. As a parent myself now, I know just how dull it can be to read the same book for the tenth time in a row! My parents used to record stories onto tapes so that I could listen to them with headphones.

My husband is a huge fan of audiobooks and even Anya listens to them. But it never really appealed to me. Now with 7 guinea pigs and a lot of poo picking to do I wanted something to keep me entertained and already listen to music on my runs and on car journeys so fancied something different.
I used the app from my library and downloaded the book I was supposed to be reading last month for the book club but didn’t have time to squeeze in: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig (review to follow).

It didn’t get off to a great start as I used my usual headphones and they cut off the first sound of each sentence. Luckily Chris had some spare headphones which worked perfectly.
I adjusted the speed to 1.5x as it felt a little slow for my liking. It did feel a little strange to have a book read to me and I do wonder how I wold review the book if I had read it on my Kindle. Would I have put the same emphasis on words? How would I have portrayed the different voices?
Overall I was pleased with my first experience of an audiobook and am especially interested to try a dual perspective/narrative book. Even so, I do miss a good old paperback!


  1. I have only listened to a book in audio form a handful of times. But like you, it wasn’t a terrible experience, but I love actually reading the book. For me personally, hearing it in audio form transformers how I view the events happening in the books. But I do find it’s nice to be able to switch from reading on a Kindle to having my Alexa read it to me when I’m in a really juicy part of a book and need to do something right that instant and then being able to switch right back to reading it on my Kindle with ease.

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  3. We love audiobooks too, but there’s something a bit extra when it comes to reading a hard copy book to yourself. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a physical object, or maybe it’s all to do with our own interpretation of the text! It’s hard to tell. Enjoy your summer reading! #DreamTeam xx

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