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The lost art of reading paperbacks

Last week I read my first paperback in at least a year. I had almost forgotten what it was like to read an actual physical book! (Oh and you can read my review here)
I have become utterly dependent on my Kindle app on my phone, so it was refreshing, challenging and enjoyable to hold and read a book. Here are my thoughts:
The unwieldy nature of a paperback
I read on my phone (thanks Zach for smashing my Kindle a couple of years ago 🙁 ). It goes everywhere with me, fits in my bag, easy to hold in my hand. A paperback is bulky in comparison and more awkward to transport around in a handbag.

The page colour
I read on my Kindle app with a black background so that it isn’t too bright, especially at night. With a paperback, I couldn’t read at night without disturbing Chris by putting the light on 🙁
Unable to read while cooking, brushing teeth etc.
I find it so easy and natural to pick up my phone and read a few pages in the kitchen or bathroom. I can balance my phone on the arm of the chair and read while I eat. Much trickier to do everything one handed or without putting your book down and losing your place (I pre chopped my sausages so I could eat one handed but was worried about dropping my book in my lunch!

Bookmark required
The joy of the Kindle app and it always opening at the right page. No fear of the kids dropping the book on the floor and losing your place!
Something mysterious and unexpectedly glorious about holding words in your hands, the feel of the cover
I didn’t realise how much I miss the physicality of books, and despite the limitations which I have outlined above, there is something special about holding a book and falling into its pages.
When was the last time you read a paperback? Or do you avoid reading apps?


  1. I listen to books on my phone but for reading, it has to be paper. Even when I travel (remember that??) I take a suitcase full of books and dump them all over the world in hotel libraries or airport book swaps….it’s my ‘screen break’ #StayClassyMama

  2. Sam

    I perfer paperbacks for the feel and experience. However, sye ti libraries close can’t always afford then so ebooks are handy in that sense x @stayclassymama

  3. I’ve had my kindle for around a year now and not read a paperback since.
    Whilst Kindles are amazing and more convenient there’s something just lovely about a book that you don’t get with a Kindle.
    It makes it harder to buy Christmas presents for people now, people used to ask for books, CD’s, DVD’s etc that’s all gone now with iTunes and now kindles.
    I used to love buying a brand new book when none of the pages are bent. It’s lovely.

  4. I love actual books but I am dependent on my iPad for personal reading and the Kindle app. I read a book in real life recently though and did enjoy it. I try to get my kids to read actual books and borrow books from the library and appreciate reading books. It does feel strange to go from a screen to a paged book though, I agree.

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