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Remember Me, by Lynda Renham

Sharni and Clare are new neighbours. Sharni offers to help out Clare who is struggling to juggle work and a toddler. But Clare begins to fear that Sharni is copying her and has sinister motives… Remember Me is a psychological thriller set in London. Clare is concerned about her new neighbour’s behaviour. Sharni copies her […]

The Snow Storm, by Triona Walsh

Six friends gather on a remote island, finally reunited after 10 years apart. but one friend never arrives at the gathering and is found dead the following morning. Her death occurred after the last boat departed so the friends are trapped on the island with a killer… The Snow Storm is a murder mystery thriller […]

The Canterville Ghost, by Oscar Wilde, and the recent TV adaptation

The Canterville Ghost is a short story by Oscar Wilde written in 1887 but the style, content and commentary is surprisingly modern. This Christmas it was re-interpreted into a 4 hour (2×2 hour episodes, including adverts) version starring Caroline Catz, James Lance and the wonderful Antony Head as the Ghost. It has been at least […]

The Rose Girls, by Jennifer Chase

Detectives Katie Scott and Scott McGaven are taking a shortcut home when their car has a minor accident. They are forced to stay in the small town of Coldwater Creek overnight but when they prepare to leave in the morning, the local chief begs them for help with a body: the first murder ever in […]

The Doctor’s Wife, by Daniel Hurst

Drew and Fern move to the small village of Arberness to get away from the pressure of city living. But Drew has been having an affair and has followed his lover in order to rekindle their romance. Can he keep the secret from his wife…? The Doctor’s Wife is a psychological thriller set in the […]