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#Project365 2023 week 37

Day 253: seriously fed up with this heatwave. So uncomfortable, day and night. Come on autumn, where are you?! Day 254: Anya enjoyed a pre-birthday shopping trip with her friends. Day 255: finally a pic of all three kids together in their uniforms! Day 256: balancing the disappointing flavour and texture of vegan cheese with […]

The Midwife of Berlin, by Anna Stuart

TRIGGER WARNING: rape, Holocaust (neither graphically described) 1961, Olivia is the black sheep of her family: very sporty and offered the chance to train for the DDR national team. Kirsten is the black sheep of her family in West Berlin: creative and skilled with a needle. The pair finally meet and they want to unite […]

Not My Child, by Jane E. James

TRIGGER WARNING: rape, adoption Dino is struggling after the death of his wife Tara. But he discovers a letter from her which confesses to secrets. It makes him realise he hardly knew his wife at all… Not My Child is a domestic drama, psychological and crime thriller set in the UK. Dino is a heartbroken […]

Dark Angel, by D.K. Hood

TRIGGER WARNING: child rape and murder, drug abuse, sexual slavery Agent Beth Katz is dedicated to her FBI career, determined to help and protect others. Her methods are unorthodox as she uses her skills to kill the perpetrators where possible. She is the daughter of a serial killer and has inherited the intelligence and danger […]

Pavement rules, ok?!

Anya is about to start walking to school on her own. I am worried. Crossing the road, cars coming out of driveways etc. But there is another vehicle I am worried about. Bikes. Bikes are classed as a vehicle and can cause severe injury to pedestrians. Rule 64 of the HIghway Code says ‘You MUST NOT […]