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I Could Be You, by Sheila Bugler

  Former journalist Dee discovers the body of her friend Katie, a victim of a hit and run. Or so it seems… The police soon discover that the body is not Katie’s but a woman who looks a great deal like her and was wearing her clothes and pushing her buggy. Where has Dee’s friend […]

Meat substitutes are NOT wrong for vegans

I have heard it a lot recently. ‘If you are a vegan then why are you eating sausages and burgers which replicate meat?’ Easy answer is: ‘I’m not’. I am trying to eat a meal with my family and not stand out as diffferent. I am trying to normalise vegan choices to encourage others to […]

#GlobalBlogging 146

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to #GlobalBlogging! Two thirds of the way through the first month of a new decade already! Honestly, Christmas seems months ago! Please encourage your friends to join us by sharing on social media (or send them a DM and insist)! Linkies are a great way to discover new blogs and […]

#Project366 2020 week 3

Day 12: bedtime on Sunday, all set for a new week but Zach will only agree to brush his teeth when sat on my shoulders   Day 13: Tesco have new trolleys so a took Zach for a spin. Day 14: Matt was talking about Nintendo DS and I revealed that I owned one and […]

Tipping Point, by Terry Tyler

I approached this book with a little trepidation as the previous book that I’d read from Terry Tyler was absolutely superb (see my review of Hope). Could Tipping Point live up to my expectations…? YES! The arrival of a deadly disease is spreadng across the world. Some have been vaccinated but most are doomed. Vicky’s […]