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#StayClassyMama 58

Hello and welcome to the #StayClassyMama linky. I have been invigilating exams all week, started my new (5th!) job and had a PTA meeting. Zach has finally pooed on the toilet! So hopefully potty and sleep training are sorted, woohoo! I am sad to announce that #StayClassyMama will be closing at the end of the […]

The Silent Victim, by Dana Perry

  Twelve years ago Jessie Tucker was attacked in Central Park and left for dead. She slowly battled her way back to health and saw her attacker put behind bars. In the present day, another woman is attacked in a strikingly similar incident but is not so lucky. A murder investigation is launched and quickly […]

Snow Creek, by Gregg Olsen

  What a book! I couldn’t put it down! A woman living a secluded life with her wife finds a dead body near their home. Anxious to keep the world away, she removes all trace of the body. But she doesn’t spot another body nearby and THIS one is discovered… Detective Megan Carpenter investigates the […]

The Quiet Girls, by J.M. Hewitt

    The police station has been getting calls for help from a young woman but she rings off without revealing any further details. Three girls break into a house that isn’t as empty as they hoped. A man in a mask is there… One of the girls, Melanie Wilson, is taken to a deserted […]

#GlobalBlogging 138

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to #GlobalBlogging! Just a reminder: Heather is leaving the linky at the end of November to focus on her hilarious books and blog. We have found a new host and she is… Tracey from The Desperate Housewife! Please make her feel welcome as she joins us for the first time […]