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No Escape, by Casey Kelleher

TRIGGER WARNING: this book deals with violence and abuse of vulnerable people and animals, drugs trafficking and alcoholism Kian and Shannon Winters live in the shadow of their mother’s alcoholism and the violence rife on their estate. Lucy Murphy lives with the trauma of her mother’s murder on the same estate twenty years earlier, which […]

#GlobalBlogging 165

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to #GlobalBlogging! June already! Good luck to all the children and staff returning to school today! Please encourage your friends to join us by sharing on social media (or send them a DM and insist)! Linkies are a great way to discover new blogs and blogging friends as well as […]

Should we let our children win?

OK, so winning and losing, it’s a key life lesson, isn’t it? But being a mum of three, I’ve discovered just how tricky it can be to teach. We are the proud owners of a Nintendo Switch. Matthew challenged me to a MarioKart race and I won. He was absolutely devastated as he is used […]

Why She Died, by J.G. Roberts

The body of a young woman is found hanging by her best friend. At first it appears to be suicide, but then murder is suspected. Could her job as a shot girl in a night club be a link? Or her boyfriend who treated her roughly? DCI Rachel Hart begins her investigation but is troubled […]

#DreamTeam 206

Thank you for being so welcoming as I join #DreamTeam with 3 Little Buttons and Navigating Baby as a permanent host, yay exciting! Happy Sunday! Stay healthy and stay home even though lockdown is easing from Monday… Take a look at the rules, add our badge and join us for the Dream Team linky! Please […]