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The Secret Letter, by Debbie Rix

The Secret Letter is such a beautiful book, made especially emotional by the fact is is based on the wartime experiences of the author’s parents. Two girls, one English, one German, grow up during the Second World War. Separated by geography but united in their passion to defeat the Nazis, Imogen and Magda become young […]

#GlobalBlogging 121

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Global Blogging! Summer is well and truly here in the UK: what’s it like where you are? It feels like everyone else has broken up for the summer holidays but we still have 2 days of school left 🙁 Wherever you are in the world, come and join me […]

Watch Her Die and Dead of Night, by Deborah Lucy

Two reviews in one! Watch Her Die Tensions are high in the police force: financial pressures and personal feuds are rife but will they interrupt a murder investigation? DI Temple is estranged from his wife, keeps an illegal gun and is loathed by his superior Harker due to an indiscretion with the latter’s daughter that […]

#Project365 2019 week 29

Day 195: a Sunday afternoon walk over to the river by our house with my parents. Sadly, Matthew didn’t want to join us 🙁 Day 196: Zach is so keen to learn! This is his own game that he started playing: finding words on his kindle or around the house and then finding the letters […]

The Girl in the Grave, by Helen Phifer

A new series from Helen Phifer teams a forensic pathologist Beth Adams with lead detective Josh Walker. The duo are investigating a murder after a woman’s body is discovered under a coffin during an exhumation. The body has been deliberately hidden and then revealed due to the unnecessary exhumation, meaning the murderer is cleverly acting […]