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YouTube #Blogtober17 day 31

I actually REALLY love YouTube! In front of the camera I am relaxed and me. I don’t panic about rejection or being socially awkward. I just talk in the same way that I do with my family. I started my channel after Chris, Matthew and Anya had created theirs. Zach and I felt left out! […]

Great British Bake Off 2017 final: live blog post!

11 am Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my first (and possibly only) attempt at a live blog post! I will be updating regularly throughout the show: only 9 hours to go! In the meantime, if you want to read my thoughts about the beginning of the series and the dramatic move to Channel 4 then […]

Spider Stampede by Ali Sparkes

Last night we finished reading Spider Stampede which is the first book in the SWITCH series of books by Ali Sparkes. I bought this for Anya when Ali visited Matthew’s school last half term. The book centres around twins Danny and Josh who live next door to scientist Petty Potts. They accidentally get transformed into […]