My very own website!!! Yikes!

YouTube #Blogtober17 day 31

I actually REALLY love YouTube! In front of the camera I am relaxed and me. I don’t panic about rejection or being socially awkward. I just talk in the same way that I do with my family.

I started my channel after Chris, Matthew and Anya had created theirs. Zach and I felt left out!
I made the following video for Vlogtober to introduce myself, my blog and my channel

If you regularly watch my videos, you may have spotted that Zach appears less and less. He is becoming a little uncooperative and headstrong: typical toddler! He also loves to watch himself now that I have a camera with a flip-out screen.
I think my channel may take a different direction soon and require a change of name but I’m not ready for that just yet…
Please take a look at my channel and subscribe!

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