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#Project365 2024 week 21

I don’t worry too much about Friday 13th. It’s MONDAY 13th you have to worry about! And the week didn’t start well with me finding a mobile phone poking out of a student’s pocket during an exam. And it was switched on. Malpractice for them, guilt and despair for me as all of their qualifications are now in jeopardy.

The rest of the week was busy but ok. Zach was delighted to get his Cubs uniform. Anya managed to get through her SATs with little anxiety and was rewarded with some perfume she’d been nagging me about. Matthew has become obsessed with broccoli cheese and is looking forward to making stuffed peppers at school next week.
Ahhh the weekend at last. My dad and Chris have been busy getting our strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes ready for the summer. Our raspberries at the other end of the garden are looking good without our help!

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