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#DreamTeam blog linky 18

  Sorry to be British and talk about the weather, but sweltering or what?! How are you all? Things seem quiet in the blogging world at the moment so we have decided to go back to our roots and reinstate the #DreamTeam linky. We want bloggers and instagrammers to interact and support each other. The […]

The Box, by Dan Malakin

TRIGGER WARNING: psychological torture scenes Ed’s house, family and reputation are threatened by a right wing incel group. His daughter Ally goes missing and he is convinced the group are responsible. Then he is framed for a murder and accused of sexual harrassment so goes on the run with his daughter’s friend Phoenix as they […]

Rome For The Summer, by Lynne Shelby

Kate and her family have always loved the painting of a woman in their dining room. But her parents can’t resist it when offered £20,000. Sadly, this is only a fraction of its worth and Kate finds herself without a boyfriend or job. Inspired by the painting she travels to Rome to walk in the […]

#Project365 2022 week 25

Day 169: I’m sure Chris was thrilled that he’s as clever as me and as funny as Zach! Day 170: I completed my virtual challenge! Can’t wait to receive my medal Day 171: Matthew’s dinosaur obsession continues, helped by the new dinos from Jurassic World Dominion Day 172: Anya has been on a shopping spree […]

The Lieutenant’s Girl, by Shari J. Ryan

Everett Anderson in a Hollywood movie star but joins the air force in WW2. In Hawaii he meets trainee nurse Elizabeth who also happens to be the daughter of a prominent milaitary man. They keep their romance a secret and are considering the future when the attack on Pearl Harbor changes their lives forever… The […]