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5 essentials for being a happy runner

It’s so incredible to think this has been my third summer of running, and if anything I’m more excited about it than ever! Whether you are a new runner or an experienced one, there are some things that will improve your performance and enjoyment of running: 1. Comfortable trainers: after three years my trainers are […]

Death Down The Aisle, by Verity Bright

Lady Eleanor Swift’s friend Constance is due to get married in a week when her fiance is accused of a breach of contract. Has he acted dishonourably and can Ellie prove his innocence? Her efforts are further hampered by a series of deaths… Death Down The Aisle is the 11th book in the Lady Eleanor […]

One Hot Summer, by Anita Waller

Two teens burn to death after trespassing into a summer house. Was the fire accidental and was the property owner to blame or the target? Henshall and Peters begin to investigate an emotional case which grows in scale as developments shock the community… One Hot Summer is a police thriller set in Sheffield, England. It […]

#Project365 2022 week 34

Day 234: in advance of her birthday next month, Anya wanted to refresh her wardrobe and find her own style. Can you spot Chas waiting patiently in the background? Day 235: new achievement for me! In July and August I have run 70 miles (finished a week earlier than planned) and completed a challenge from […]

Death at the Dolphin, by Gretta Mulrooney

1945, Daisy’s life is turned upside down when her home burns down with her mother inside. While recovering in hospital, the war ends and she finds herself without a job as well as neither a home or family. The local priest helps her to find a new role as an assistant whose tasks include working […]