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#Project365 2019 week52

Day 356: Zach is obsessed with Christmas carols so we went to the carol service. Of course, Zach wouldn’t sit for a photo but my well behaved older two would! Day 357: more singing, this time from my Anna duo. Dad is more entertained by the Rubiks cube which he is determined to solve! Day […]

‘I can stick a mushroom on it’ and other vegan misery

Christmas lunch. Comfort food, stodgy, warming. Not this year. Last week I had my Christmas meal with one set of colleagues in a local pub. This has been booked since October. We had let them know of my vegan and gluten free requirements. They were supposed to phone me. On the morning of the meal […]

#GlobalBlogging 143

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to #GlobalBlogging! Thank you for all of your support in 2019! The linky will be open from 23rd December until 31st December and you may link up 3 posts if you wish. Please encourage your friends to join us by sharing on social media (or send them a DM and […]

Imaginative and creative play with WannaBees

The school holidays are upon us and, rather than screentime, I wanted to set them off with some imaginative play. I was kindly sent the WannaBees Cafe Owner pack which gives children everything they need to create their own cafe (except the food and drink!) The pack contains posters for opening hours, open and closed […]

#Project365 2019 week 51

Day 349: Mum and Dad have finally put their decorations up and the singing/dancing penguin with its rather morose Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas remains a favourite Day 350: early morning excitement when Anya finished first in the Mariokart game on the laptop Day 351: Anya’s final Christmas play. Day 352: take a look […]