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#DreamTeam 184

Thank you for being so welcoming as I join #DreamTeam with 3 Little Buttons and Navigating Baby as a permanent host, yay exciting! Annette is better so we are back at full capacity this week! Take a look at the rules, add our badge (I’m on it now!) and join us for the Dream Team […]

Oops, I joined the PTA!

School politics are a tricky business from the moment you start sizing people up on the playground at the start of Year R. I am sorry to admit that I am quite judgmental even though I try not to be, and have always considered the PTA to be saintly do-gooders, super mums who take everything […]

Accidental Secrets, by Dana Mason

    I had super high expectations of the latest book from Dana Mason having LOVED the previous one. Good news: it is just as good as the last one, yay! As I stated in my review of Accidental Lies, I had judged that book by its cover and thought that the plot would be […]

#GlobalBlogging 141

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to #GlobalBlogging! Thank you to all our regulars who stuck with us through the change with new host Tracey from The Desperate Housewife! A new badge is still on my to do list but I haven’t found time yet… Wherever you are in the world, come and join us with […]

#Project365 2019 week 49

Day 335: first day of December so Christmas is allowed to start! Day 336: reliving my childhood with some games from the 80s (anyone able to tell what it is?)   Day 337: Mum and I went to a social event at Zach’s preschool to make our own wreaths: it was much trickier than I […]